How to decorate a balcony with flowers

Summer is almost upon us; flowers become the undisputed protagonists of the furniture both in the garden and on the terrace. In fact, the right choice of flowers will determine the success of your decor, in this regard let's see how to decorate a balcony with flowers.

How to decorate a balcony with flowers, foreplay

  • Remove any waste and debris from your balcony: the balcony must be free and clean
  • Evaluate areas that have sunlight throughout the day - this is especially important, especially if your terrace has an awning or roof over it.
  • Get pots that have a theme or that have the same color and the same material: if you live in the south for example, terracotta and ceramic will give a rustic look to your balcony.

How to decorate a balcony with flowers, placement of plants

  • When purchasing plants, assessed according to the needs of sunlight: there are plants that need shade areas, while others need to stay in the sun.
  • Decorate the railing area by hanging planters that contain brightly colored annual varieties, such as zinnias, impatiens and petunias: over the seasons, the zinnias will be taller, the impatiens will spread outside, while the petunias will pop out of the pot. , creating a suggestive show of colors
  • Also hang flower boxes from the ceiling, using hooks fixed to the building. Fill them with decorative wall units with a combination of flowers and greenery. The most suitable plants are lobelia, rosemary and jasmine: they will fall down offering a cascade effect in the planters, and giving a vertical arrangement of color in your balcony.
  • Arrange decorative pots in the corners of the balcony where you can grow some species such as hibiscus in the center, while along the circumference small colored flowers, such as begonias.

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