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Jaguar Pinarello Dogma F8 racing bike

Jaguar Pinarello Dogma F8 racing bike

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Jaguar, the car maker famous for some of the best luxury saloons and sports cars in the world, has used its aerodynamic expertise to create abicyclenoteworthy. ThereJaguar bikewas also born thanks to the efforts of the cycling Team Sky and the manufacturer Pinarello. Pinarello is one of the most popular Italian producers ofbicycles.

Thus was born theJaguar Pinarello Dogma F8 bike which will be available to Team Sky until the rest of the sporting season. This is how theJaguarofficially becomes theInnovation Partnerof Team Sky.

TherePinarello racing bikeDogma F8, will make his first cycling appearance at the Criterium du Dauphiné which kicks off on 8 June, and then establishes itself with the Tour de France which will start in Leeds on 5 July.


Cycling is a very competitive sport where every split second counts. Having combined the knowledge and experience of engineers Jaguar with the worldwide recognized reputation of Pinarello and the high skills of Team Sky, we were able to design an excellent bike. Jaguar used its state-of-the-art CFD [computational fluid dynamics] platform, facilities and expertise to improve Pinarello Dogma 65,1. I am confident that our riders will start the Tour de France aboard the bicycle fastest we've ever had. "So commented Sir Dave Brailsford, Team Sky Team Principal, still fresh from Sir Bradley Wiggins' Tour of California victory.


With thePinarello Dogma F8 racing bike, Jaguar showed off its aerodynamic skills by making improvements to the chassis: respecting the development criteria of the designersPinarello, Jaguar engineers developed the chassis to improve the aerodynamic performance of the tubular components and minimize all sorts of drag.

Wing section tubes and a new seat post have been added. The front forks of theDogma F8 racing bike have been developed to optimize resistance and ensure a seamless air flow to the lower tubular. Other aerodynamic improvements have been made to the cable rear derailleur and three holes in the column allow a second bottle to be positioned lower in order to further reduce friction.

There Dogma F8brings with it the particular asymmetrical design of the Dogma 65.1: the seat tube is now asymmetrical in order to more clearly convey the flow of air around the brake caliper, using the minimum amount of material. The upper section of the rear fork tubes has been made strongly asymmetrical.


The frame alone is over 40% more aerodynamically efficient. ThereJaguarhas successfully carried out over 300 simulations and tests but the most important test is up to the riders! Meanwhile Chris Froome is very excited and when he tried theDogma F8he said he was sure it was onebicycleable to win the Tour de France.

Video: New Pinarello Dogma F8 (June 2022).


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