How to save on gas

How to save on gas

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How to save on gas - In the previous article we gave you useful information on how to save on light, in this article we will talk about saving on gas. Its consumption, as you well know, depends on domestic uses, the home heating system and domestic water and kitchen habits.

How to save on gas? In this regard, we offer you some practical advice to be implemented every day. First recommendation: are you sure you have chosen the cheapest gas rate? With the free market you can evaluate the manager that best meets your needs.

How to save on gas, the kitchen

An important part of the gas consumption in summer is given by the kitchen. Small tricks can reduce consumption which, overall, can be considerable:

  • Place the pans and pots on the plates of size proportional to the diameter
  • Cover the pots with the lid while cooking
  • Turn off the plate before the end of cooking, using the residual heat

How to save on gas, heating

In winter, on the other hand, gas consumption is greater, and the fault lies with the heating system. Also in this case, small measures can lead to significant savings on the gas bill:

  • Adjust the system to a temperature not exceeding 18 ° C
  • Reduce the temperature in the rooms by 1 ° C: it allows you a saving of 6%. During the night the temperature should be below 10 ° C, not only to save money but also because it is good for your health
  • Have periodic checks carried out on the boiler: to protect safety, but also to ensure good operation
  • Practice modifications and renovations on the home that concern energy efficiency and insulation, such as the installation of double glazing or polystyrene on the walls: not only does it increase thermal insulation but also allows you to take advantage of tax deductions, thus recovering short time the investment
  • Never cover radiators with curtains or upholstery.
  • Do not install radiators under windows
  • Install thermostatic valves on each radiator that allow you to adjust the temperature of each individual radiator.

How to save on gas, the eco-bonus

If you want to take advantage of the most modern systems in the field of efficiency, remember that the Stability Law has extended the eco-bonus until 2016, that is, the 65% deductions for interventions related to savings. A subsidy of up to 100,000 euros concerns the energy requalification of existing buildings, up to 60,000 euros for windows and the installation of solar panels up to 30,000 for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems.

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