Take the dog on a bicycle, here's how

Take the dog on a bicycle, here's how

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It's possible take the dog on a bicycle? Before answering this question with anet YesorNo, it is necessary to make some premises. First of all, we point out that the Highway Code expressly prohibits bringing dogs on a leash while you are riding your own bicycle; to prohibit it is art. 182 paragraph 3 which states that cyclists are prohibited from driving animals or being towed by another vehicle.

Whoever is pinched to break this law is punishable, pursuant to paragraph 10, with a fine ranging from 22 to 88 euros. In short, who wants take the dog on a bicycle he must give up the leash or choose only country roads.

We recommend choosing back streets and country lanes also and above all to ensure the well-being of the animal: dogs are not used to city traffic and do not appreciate smog at all!

Despite this long and exhausting premise, know thatdogsisbicyclesthere may be two passions destined to unite: on the market there are various accessories for the transport by bike (more or less) sure of dogs. We are talking about specially designed baskets or trailers. For some time it has been possible to buy bicycles with a modified front part intended for the transport of children or animals, there is no lack of special safety belts and harnesses. In our photo gallery we offer you some models.

Bike trailers to carry your dog

Before buying any basket or trailer for the dog transport, remember to carefully evaluate construction materials, safety and weight. Bike trailers are capable of transforming a two-wheeled vehicle on pedals into a full-fledged "tow truck". Be careful not to overdo the load, the driving force is given by your legs or at most by the pedal assisted vehicle if it is abicycleelectric.

Bringing a dog on a bike: tips

Not all dogs have the stamina of a Husky, remember to take long breaks. Always keep a water bottle at hand for your four-legged friend.

Dogs are unpredictable and just like humans suffer from stress: take precautions.

Remember that on hot days, rough or paved roads can be extremely abrasive to your dog's paws. Again the advice is to follow country roads where the dog can follow paths on a turf.

Bring dogs on a leash on a bike

Your four-legged friend will be able to follow you on a bike also using special leashes or spacers and after adequate training. You can read more about this in our article dedicated to Bike leashes!

Cycling with your dog: dangers

If you decide to ride a bicycle with your dog, you will still have to think first of all about protecting the health of your 4-legged friend. You will have to take note of the characteristics of your dog, of the physical predisposition in relation to the breed, of the physical conditions, in terms of training and also in general of his "liking" for this activity.

Also pay attention to the route you intend to take: try to understand if the surface can create dangers (for example an asphalt that is too hot as often happens in the summer months or a ground that is too rough with glass or other materials dangerous for the fingertips of your furry friend.

I am sure that with a little common sense you too will immediately understand if the activity is for your dog or not and if you can have fun together on a bike or if it will be better to give up for the benefit of other activities.

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