How to keep insects away, natural remedies

How to keep insects away, natural remedies

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In this guide we will show you how to keep insects away that sneak into our homes, using natural methods; the most hateful insects we will deal with are: flies, cockroaches, ants, wasps and mosquitoes.

How to keep insects away, moscow
To remove the flies we can resort to various methods; here are the most effective ones:
Arrange a bowl with a spoonful of black pepper and white vinegar in a corner of each room or lemon slices with cloves stuck into the pulp in disposable aluminum trays. For further information read "Flies, natural remedies"

How to keep insects away, cockroach
To keep cockroaches away, you can wash the floors with half water and half vinegar: an effective compound as it neutralizes all odors. Alternatively, you can prepare a mixture: just pour 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 of cocoa and 2 of borax into a small bowl and mix everything. Spread this mixture in the corners of the house and behind the furniture: the cockroaches will escape! For more information, read "How to keep cockroaches away"

How to keep insects away, ant
Ants hate very strong smells such as those emanating from essential oils. In this regard, we can use eucalyptus: just prepare a mixture made of 500 ml of water with 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a spray. Spray the solution in all possible entry points and hiding places: the eucalyptus does not stain and its scent, which is pleasant for us, will drive away the ants. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the ground with coffee grounds previously left to dry. If you spot the anthill, pour coffee directly on it to remove them permanently.

How to keep insects away wasp
To ward off the wasps we can use a coffee-based compound; pour into an aluminum container a few teaspoons of ground coffee or a few beans, then use a lighter to burn under the container: a very intense aroma will be released, very unwelcome to bees, wasps, hornets and insects of this type.

How to keep insects away, mosquito
The most effective method is a mosquito repellent made from an old plastic bottle. Here's how to proceed:

  1. Cut the plastic bottle one centimeter before it begins to decrease its circumference: it must be cut evenly and horizontally
  2. Meanwhile, heat the water and let the sugar melt inside
  3. Let it cool and pour the sugared water into the bottom of the bottle
  4. Add the yeast without mixing it so the chemical reaction will last longer: this reaction produces carbon dioxide (CO2) in small quantities which attracts mosquitoes.
  5. Insert the upper part of the bottle you cut, upside down like a funnel, into the other half
  6. Join the edges with adhesive tape so as not to have CO2 leaking sideways
  7. Line the entire bottle with black cardboard

Replace the bottle every two weeks

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