Italo non stop in Rome Termini

Italo non stop in Rome Termini

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Ntv trains also pass from Roma Termini. On Sunday 15 June at 6.40 the first starts from platform 10 of the most important station in Italy Italo no stop towards Milan. The first arrival from Milan is expected at 10.15, the same platform.

Until now, Ntv used only the Ostiense and Tiburtina stations in Rome, with Roma Termini the network of airports has expanded to the historic center of the city from the second station in Europe in terms of passenger numbers / year (150 million).

For the convoys passing through Roma Termini, NTV has focused on Italo no stop without intermediate stops between Rome and Milan. L'summer time provides two trips to the north:

  • Italo no stop 07.03 from Milano Garibaldi (departure at 6.15 from Torino Porta Susa) arriving in Rome at 10.15 (continuation for Naples arriving at 11.36 and for Salerno arriving at 12.26).
  • Italo no stop at 18.03 from Milan arriving at Roma Termini at 21.15.

For southbound journeys the times are as follows:

  • Italo no stop 6.40 am from Roma Termini with arrival in Milan Porta Garibaldi at 9.54 (continuation to Turin Porta Susa with arrival at 10.44);
  • Italo no stop 2.40 pm from Roma Termini (coming from Naples) arriving in Milan Porta Garibaldi at 5.44 pm (continuation for Turin arriving at 6.44 pm)

It is about Italo no stop Milan-Rome, but all four routes also include an intermediate stop in Milan Rogoredo and Rome Tiburtina.

When the winter timetable will come into effect on December 15, the 2 trains Italo no stop departing from Termini will become 6 (as many departing from Milan Garibaldi) for 12 daily trains in total between Milan and Rome, you are heading North South and you are heading South North.

Ntv has announced that it will open a Casa Italo also at Roma Termini station. In the meantime, it is present in Piazza dei Cinquecento, where the main entrance is located, also with a ticket office and an information and assistance desk for travelers.

It is interesting to note that according to the White Paper on Mobility and Transport presented in June by Eurispes, the positive evaluations on the quality of the service provided by the trains prevail over the negative ones. It is to be thought that the service of the Frecciarossa and Ntv high-speed trains prevailed more than the commuter trains.

This suggests that Italians love the train more and more, even if the numbers today still do not confirm it enough: 45.2% of those interviewed for the Eurispes survey use it sometimes, 6.8% often, 1 , 9% always for their own journeys. But there is also 42.9% of Italians who never use the train.

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