How to build a chair with pallets

How to build a chair with pallets

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How to build a chair with pallets,a zero-cost project which, for its realization, requires two loading platforms (pallet), work tools and good workmanship. Do not worry,build a chair with palletsit is not a difficult undertaking, what we will see in this post is a work of do-it-yourself which points to the realization of areclinerfor lounge setting and one chairclassic, perfect for decorating the garden.

THEpalletthey are equipment used to support a large number of material intended to be stored in industries. The typical structure ofpallets(pallet), makes it easy to move large quantities of material by means of transport with specific means such as forklifts and, in fact, transpallets.

Existpalletof different materials: plastic, metal, compressed wood chipboard and raw wood. The most started material for the production ofpalletit is precisely the wood, however, also ipalletof plastic you can easily to recycle.

How to build a chair with pallets
To make the chair in the photo, you need two pallets, a solid rope (or very resistant cables), hinges and all the tools necessary to proceed with the cutting and sanding.

From the two pellats it will be necessary to obtain three pieces to "tie" together by using 4 hinges, two for each level of connection. To facilitate understanding, we point out the diagram containing measures for the cuts and details for theDIY chair construction.

The ropes are used to keep the structure tilted and the user, thanks to the hinges, can give thechairthe inclination you prefer most is over.

Forbuild a pallet chairwith classic shapes, you need:
Two wooden pallets
A crowbar
A pincer
A hammer
One meter
A saw
Eight stainless steel screws
Electric screwdriver

You will need the crowbar for the first operation: remove the first two boards that are located at one of the two ends of the pallet.

With the pincer remove all the nails left in the platform and from the two boards that you removed with the crowbar.

Always work on the same pallet, and, after removing the first and second boards, keep the third and continue with the removal of the fourth. After removal, this first pallet can be set aside, which will become the seat of the chair.

Take the two boards that you removed from the first platform and cut them to a length of thirty centimeters. These will make up the front legs of the chair.

Take the first pallet again and, placing it vertically, place a first front leg on each side; the "legs" must be fixed in correspondence with the last remaining board. Secure it using four screws for each leg. There are several ways to compose the back of the chair, for a more comfortable result, remove the individual boards of the pallet and make the backrest and armrests.

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