Cycling workshop: within reach of the pedal

Cycling workshop: within reach of the pedal

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Cycling workshop it's a workshop for bicycles, but not one workshop whatever. It is at home and by appointment. Rudy arrives with his cargo-bike loaded with tools and spare parts and fixes everything. Here's one efficient and eco-sustainable workshop, without traffic problems and active throughout Milan.

1) When and how did you get the idea of ​​a workshop, or rather of your cycling workshop?

The idea of ​​the workshop comes from afar, since in Belgium I traveled several kilometers alone by bicycle to reach the elementary school. My parents did not own a car and in the years when they ran a restaurant 5 km from the nearest inhabited center, I often got on my bike to go to the butcher or gardener. I was basically a little bike messenger! Even then I was taking care of my favorite means of transport by myself: nothing else workshop. This is why I have always been amazed to see people with flat tires or other small problems turn to one workshop specialized.

2) What is the service that your workshop offers?

It is a bicycle repair service that takes place at home: the customer contacts theworkshop, me, and make an appointment. I then join him in the chosen place with the cargo-bike equipped as aworkshop with tools and spare parts. The service costs € 5 plus the cost of repairs and materials. In case some spare part or accessory is missing at the moment, in mine workshop on pedals, I come back without counting the exit a second time.

3) How has the workshop evolved, or will it evolve in the future?

Cycling workshop it was not born as an emergency service even though I often solve problems within the day. I am considering providing quick service. I'm still evaluating it though, then I'll communicate it through the workshop website, when I decide.

4) What are the most frequent requests arriving at the workshop?

Obviously there are many punctures and broken brakes but with mine cycling workshopI often intervene on bottom bracket problems, wheel centering etc. The nice thing is that the customer does not have to take the bike to be repaired perhaps in the car, I will repair it at home or at work or wherever he wants. This is mine workshop, as well as being comfortable, it does not pollute and does not congest traffic.

5) An identikit of the typical customer of the workshop?

These are people who use bicycles, who believe that traveling by bicycle around Milan is the right way and that it makes people live better, regardless of gender, age, social condition and political orientation. Many when they see mine cycling workshop at work, they stop to watch the repair, intrigued by the initiative or to learn something more.

6) Are there also companies / associations / institutions that turn to the workshop?

Yes, among my clients there are companies that deliver food or other by bicycle. A convention which I care a lot is "Business cycles“, A project presented by“ ciclica ”to which“ Terre di Mezzo Editore ”has joined. My workshop takes care of the bike fleet supplied to employees. Sometimes groups of employees offer me agreements and I believe that with the new academic year there will be some news.

7) Are you alone in carrying out this activity? Wouldn't you like helpers?

Having helpers in the workshop is a possibility that I am evaluating but this involves organizational, bureaucratic and fiscal problems. We'll see. For now theworkshop has an excellent response and there are many possibilities to expand it. My intent is to always better satisfy the requests but having no examples to refer to I evaluate the situation day by day along the way.