Airpods, the compressed air car finally on the market

Airpods, the compressed air car finally on the market

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We have been talking about the AirPod, the compressed air car for two years now; finally the matter becomes concrete and theAir-Podgoes from prototype to production commercial vehicle. The first European factory ofAir-Podis located in our Sardinia and is ready to offer the first one on the marketcompressed air car.

How much does a full up costAirPods?
A full ofcompressed airyou pay 4 euros and allows you to travel about 100 km traveling at a maximum speed of 80 km / h.

Where do you fill up?
Refueling of compressed air it can take place through the appropriate stations (2.5 minutes are enough for a full tank) or through the slower household electrical outlet (at least 10 kW), with a timing of 3.5 hours.

Air-Pod Exit
The market debut is scheduled for late autumn 2014 and will be produced and distributed in Bolotana, Nuoro, byAirmobility, a company of Sardinian entrepreneurs that has bet on the innovative food adcompressed air.

The firstAirPod compressed air carit is a two-seater available with two different engines:
7 kW engine, with a maximum speed of 80 km / h
- 4 kW engine, with a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

For both models theautonomyamounts to a maximum of 150 km. The trunk has a capacity of 500 liters including a thirty liter refrigerated compartment!

L'AirPod compressed air carit is driven by a joystick but those who cannot free themselves from the classic steering wheel can request it as an option. The on-board equipment is very generous and thepriceis accessible.

Car AirPods Price
To take home theAirpodsyou have to shell out 7,500 euros, minimum maintenance and management costs.

Airpods Compressed Air Carfeatures
The car weighs a total of 280 kg and is made of fiber composite material
of glass and polyester resin.

The combination, in the event of an accident, has a shock absorption capacity that is two to four times higher than the bodywork of a traditional vehicle. In the not too distant future, the fiberglass that makes up the bodywork of thecar airpods, it could be replaced by natural, low-impact materials such as sisal and linen.

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