Water waste in Italy: consumption, data and rates

Water waste in Italy: consumption, data and rates

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Water waste in Italy: Italy is the European country where water tariffs are the lowest, but it is also the one where the water network is less efficient and has more waste. Italy also has big faults when it comes to the purification of waste water. Thewater waste in Italythey are caused by poor management of the water network and assisted by the less virtuous behavior of the Italians themselves.

Water waste in Italy, the role of the Italians
We Italians are the largest consumers of mineral water in Europe. Italy is the European country with the highest per capita consumption of bottled water and is second in the world ranking. This is because 31.2 percent of the population does not trust the water that comes out of the tap: just think of the cases of water containing arsenic and the water contamination of the Terra dei Fuochi.

Thewater waste in Italylinked to the behavior of the masses are explicit (losses, bad habits ...) or hidden (consumption of food or products that require a large amount of water to enter the market). In this regard we advise you to read:

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Water waste in Italy, inefficient distribution

The data published at the end of May 2014 by Censis (Social investment study center) reveal troubling realities. In Italy we waste a huge amount of water.

The percentage ofwater waste in Italy, in the distribution network alone, it reaches almost 32 percent, this forces an increase in the levy at sources: Italy, in fact, is the third largest importer in the world. With the inefficiency of the distribution network, not only are the water sources depleted, they cause many disservices: 9 percent of the Italian population reports water supply interruptions, the percentage rises in the south with peaks of 29 percent in Calabria.

Thewater wastedetected in the Italian distribution network are unparalleled throughout Europe: in Germany they are equal to 6.5 per cent, in England at 15.5 per cent and in France at 21 per cent.

The problem lies in investments: our country allocates about 30 euros per year per inhabitant, investments shouldget up to speedaqueducts, sewer networks and waste water treatment plants. Too low a figure if we consider that Germany invests 80 euros per inhabitant, France 90 euros and Great Britain reaches 100 euros.

To adapt the Italian water network to that of the rest of the EU, again Censis, estimates that it would take 65 billion euros to invest over thirty years.

How much does water cost in Italy?

Thewater waste in Italythey are the highest in Europe but the rates for the water service are the lowest: the estimate reported by Censis is 85 cents per day per family.

A family of three, with an annual consumption of 180 cubic meters of water, spends € 307 per year, € 25.6 per month. For the same service, in Spain, 330 euros are paid per year, in France 700 euros, in Austria, Germany and Great Britain it even rises to 770 euros.

Of the 307 euros spent annually by an Italian family, only 143 euros concern the aqueduct service, the rest is used to cover sewers and purification; thus, an Italian family spends about 40 cents a day to havedrinking water in the house.

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