Breeds of giant rabbits

Breeds of giant rabbits

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Breeds of giant rabbits
The so-calledheavy breeds, more commonly definedgiants, refer torabbitswhich by Italian standards have a weight up to kg and a trunk length of at least 64 cm and which can reach and exceed (in extreme cases) 90 cm.

Therebreed of giant rabbitspar excellence is the Belgian one, which sees the rabbit of thePatagoniaimproved and selected in Flanders and for this reason it is known by the name ofGiant of Flanders or Giant gray. A particular sign is that the rump is rounded, the fleshy loins and the V-shaped ears must be at least 16 cm long.

If the body length is less than 64cm and the ears are less than 16cm, it is not aGiant of Flanderswell selected. The fur is thick, soft and bright, the colors allowed for this breed are wild gray, hare gray, dark gray, iron gray, steel gray, black, blue, hare and fawn.

The Giant rabbit of Flanders female has a larger size than that of the male. Gestation lasts 31 days and the rabbit usually gives birth between 7 and 10 rabbits. Giant rabbits are bred both in amateur and in intensive farms.

In intensive breeding the pure breed is not bred, rather crosses are bred with medium breeds in order to increase the muscle mass of the offspring and obtain hybrids of medium size but with a higher weight. These excellent crosses obtained are intended for fattening and marketing.

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