Parsnip, carrot and potato flan

Parsnip, carrot and potato flan

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The parsnip flan, potatoes and carrots is easy to prepare and can be a complete dish or a sustained side dish. Tasty but not intrusive, it goes well with the meat of the Anglo-Saxon sunday roast tradition. Alone, accompanied by a cheese sauce, a vegetarian 'lunch' is worth it.

Parsnip, carrot and potato flan: preparation

Take two or three parsnips, two or three carrots, two or three potatoes and boil them in a little water, or even better, steam them. Then drain, chop or chop and put everything in a pan, after having sautéed two cloves of garlic with oil (or butter if you prefer) and some flavorings to taste: sage and rosemary, thyme and marjoram ...

Season well and then add two eggs, breadcrumbs, plenty of Parmesan and if you want some more (in this case, add less Parmesan). Mix all the ingredients, using an electric mixer if you have it.

When the mixture is soft and homogeneous enough, grease a donut-shaped pan and pour the mixture into it. To cook it takes about 30 minutes in the oven preheated to 180 degrees.

The ideal accompaniment is a cheese sauce, which binds with the ingredients of the dough, even a little robust with zola or the addition of spices.

Parsnip: some information

Parsnip is one of the names by which the wild carrot is known in Italy, which in some areas also call cepo bianco, chanterelle, pasticciona. Actually the parsnip and the carrot do not have much in common, and the former has been known and used for much longer because it grows spontaneously in meadows up to halfway up the mountain.

Used since Roman times, when carrots and potatoes spread, parsnips ended up being put aside a bit, only to be revalued lately with the rediscovery of 'ancient' flavors. This also explains why the parsnip goes well with carrots and potatoes.

There parsnip it can be bought from the gardener, it can be grown in the garden or it can be found in the fields. In the latter case, be careful not to confuse it with the spotted hemlock, the herb with which Socrates poisoned himself, which closely resembles it. To distinguish the two herbs one must be an expert.

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