Building a vertical garden

Building a vertical garden

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Building a vertical gardenit's easy and cheap, you can start from plastic bottles, detergent bottles, old shelves, pallets or shelves. Let's see together all the possible ways forbuild a vertical garden at home or for the garden.

Building a vertical garden, the foreplay
Before moving on to the practical step forbuild a vertical garden, careful planning must be considered. Thevertical gardenis it intended for indoor or outdoor environments? Are you going to make it on the balcony? Do you want to grow flowering plants or vegetables? According to your needs you can choose thevertical gardenbest.

Vertical garden in pots hanging from the ceiling: suitable for indoors or on the balcony. Perfect for growing flowering plants and also suitable for growing aromatics.
Vertical garden in a bottle: depending on the construction it can be adapted to both outdoor and indoor environments.
Vertical garden with pallets: more suitable for outdoor environments, terrace or balcony.

Vertical garden for flowers
Based on the exposure of the area where thevertical garden, you will have to choose the varieties to grow. We advise you to read:
Flowers that grow well in full sun
- Cold resistant plants
- Plants for shaded balconies

Building a vertical garden, the hanging vases
The easiest way tobuild a vertical garden, also perfect for indoor environments, involves the use of very light hanging vases. For this type of set-up, we refer you to the articleVertical balcony garden.

Building a vertical garden with pallets
With ipalletit's possiblebuild DIY vertical gardenssuitable for growing vegetables or flowers. Planters are easy to make with both pallets and bottles.

In the articleHow to build a vertical planterwe have seen:
how to build a vertical garden with pallets
how to build a vertical garden with PET bottles

Both solutions are cost-free and represent examples of creative recycling.

Those who are not looking for zero-cost solutions can choosevertical gardensprefabricated to be installed in the house or in the garden. In commerce and in the world of prototyping, there are numerous proposals that will allow you to set upvertical gardensin a matter of seconds. We are not talking about make-up kits but about real pieces of furniture. To name a few, we mention thenanoGardendesigned to be installed in the kitchen, the floating vases of the beautifulFloating Garden,theindoor vertical gardenLive Screen is the vertical garden designed for hydroponic cultivation Windowfarms.

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