Anti-smog mask for those who ride a bike

Thereanti-smog mask is an excellent ally for anyone who goes inbike, especially for those who go around the city center in the evening. There are a large number of on the marketanti-smog masksbut here we talk about the two most popular models:anti-smog maskswith or without activated carbon and with or without valves.

For the cyclist's needs, the most suitable could be theantismog maskwith activated carbon and valves. To avoid breathing in the smog and exhaust fumes, it would be completely useless to buy oneanti-smog maskwithout filter.

Filters have the ability to remove PM 10 particles, the notorious fine dust, from our respiratory tract. The filtering capacity does not depend on the concentration of particles in the air (it does not depend on how polluted the air is), but on the quality / capacity of the filter.

Activated carbons have the function of retaining a large part of the volatile organic substances present in the air (the so-called VOCs), in this case, however, the filtering capacity does not depend on the quality of the activated carbon, rather it depends on the atmospheric concentrations of VOC.

While the valve may not be so essential for pedestrians, for cyclists (or runner), the valve is very useful as it has the purpose of expelling the hot air that you exhale. Those who are panting or hyperventilating due to physical exertion can count on air recycling thanks to the valve.

The anti-smog masks Fortunately, they are available at very low prices: on Amazon there are several models available. Among those with the best quality ratio we point out the Urbanstyle model proposed at the price of € 12.93 with free shipping. This mask does not have activated carbon filters. If you are looking for a model with more effective filters, you can try the Lampa 91260 Defensor anti-smog mask proposed at the promotional price of 13.88 euros with free shipping. Remember, however, that the mask must be replaced periodically because the activated carbons lose their effectiveness.

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