Light electric bikes, prices and models

Light electric bikes, prices and models

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The market forpedalecis in full expansion, just think that in 2013 alone over 800,000 were sold in Europeelectric bicyclesand 45,000 in our country, carving out 4% of the total bike market.

Who is on the hunt forlight electric bicycleshe will have to deal with his wallet: a good electric bike cannot be bought for less than 700 euros, but those with specific weight or characteristics needs will necessarily have to exceed - sometimes even a lot - 1,000 euros. On the page you will find the list oflight electric bicyclescurrently available on the local market, given the characteristics, these are the latest models launched on the market.

The price ofelectric bicyclesdrops as weight rises, models of light electric bicycles, always weighing less than 20 kg. In the article entitled "Lighter electric bike, for effortless pedaling "we have already talked to you about the lighter components to provide, on your own, the electric retrofit of the traditional bicycle you already own; we have also reported two very light models that have just arrived on the Italian market:
-Fulgur Aria, with a weight of 14.5 kg
-Fulgur Earth, with weight from 16.4 kg

Haibike - Xduro Race 28
In the article "Electric bicycles prices" we have already talked about the new entry of the 2014 Xduro Race. An authenticelectric racing bicyclewith aluminum frame and disc brakes. The bicycle is well equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery, its weight is very low: 18.1 kg.
Model: Haibike - Xduro Race 28
Weight: 18.1 kg
Price 6,000 euros

Cannondale - Tramount 29ER E-Hardtail
It is a "professional" MTB, equipped with a 400 W Bosch G2 Performance motor and 29 "wheels, despite the large wheels the bike weighs only 18.6 kg.
Model: Cannondale - Tramount 29er E-Hardtail
Weight: 18.6 kg
Price: 3,999 euros

KTM - Macina Action 29 10-400
The KTM Macina Action electric bicycle has 29 ″ wheels, suspension fork and disc brakes. It boasts a Bosch system with a 250 W motor and 36 V batteries. The weight is not bad given that it is a real MTB: 19.3 kg.
Model: KTM - Macina Action 29 10-400
Weight: 19.3 kg
Price: 2,499 euros

Scott - E-Spark 710
Full suspension MTB with 27.5 ″ wheels, equipped with Bosch Performance * system featuring a 250 W motor and 36V lithium-ion battery. The MTB weighs 19.6 kg.
Model: Scott - E-spark 710
Weight: 19.6 kg
Price: 3,999 euros

BH Emotion - Xenion Race
Mtb with road tires, it is equipped with a carbon fork and a 400 W Bosch IBS motor. The battery is 36V and weighs 19.9 kg.
Model: BH Emotion - Xenion Race
Weight: 19.9 kg
Price: 1.975 euros

Electric bicycles, what the law tells us
We remind you that, to circulate on the road without problems, oneelectric bicycleit must meet the standards imposed byMinistry of Infrastructure and Transport therefore it must:
- be equipped with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW
-with power cut off automatically when the maximum speed of 25 km / h is reached.

* The Bosch Performance system is a novelty of 2014, the same manufacturer Bosch presented electric bicycles developed on the basis of such electrical components.

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