Ecoisms: where art and nature coexist in beauty

Ecoisms: where art and nature coexist in beauty

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Ecoisms leads into the green of Natural Park of Borromeo Island in Cassano d’Adda, works of art by young green artists, on display until 28 September. Thus, a few steps from Milan, in an area of ​​leisure and relaxation in the green, art breaks out, declining the theme "Habitat, Regeneration, Memory" in the name of environmental sustainability. Ylbert Durishti, curator and creator of Ecoisms, he tells but above all he invites everyone to visit it, including children and welcome.

1) When was Ecoismi born and with what intent?

In 2008 there was a "zero" edition of Ecoisms: an exhibition with themes related to the environment and ecology at the Contemporanea space in Milan. In 2012 Ecoisms has become an open-air public art project, which reached its third edition in 2014, and found its habitat at the Borromeo Island Natural Park in Cassano d’Adda. The will of Ecoisms is to bring art out of the canonical spaces by aiming at a double promotion, both of young artists and of the territory and its resources.

2) Who are the actors involved in Ecoismi?

They are many. The Municipality of Cassano d’Adda, which promotes and organizes, is fundamental Ecoisms and young artists under 35 from all over the world. The various sponsors are important, the institutional ones - Lombardy Region, the Province and the Municipality of Milan - the artistic ones - Accademia di Brera, Gai, Bjcem, Pav di Torino - and the environmental ones - FAI, Legambiente, Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo. Valuable for Ecoisms the role of the sponsors: first of all the Cariplo Foundation and all the others including Novalca which it believed in Ecoisms since its inception.

3) What are the novelties of this edition of Ecoismi?

In the two previous editions the topic was "Between Man and Nature", this year Ecoisms has a new theme consisting of three words “Habitat, Regeneration, Memory”. Artists were asked to design more site-specific works, in dialogue with the Park and linked to the local context. For the first time, various initiatives have been created in the duration period of Ecoisms, for example in the month of August there will be "Ecoismi 2014 in IV acts"In collaboration with the" ILINX "Theater Workshops, with performances linked to some works.

4) How do you select the works then shown in Ecoismi: put on display: what are the criteria?

Among the hundreds of applications received this year, from all over the world, the best 12 projects were chosen on the basis of the creative idea, relevance and respect for the theme of Ecoisms and each receives an achievement award of 1,000 euros. The jury was made up of me and 6 other members including representatives of the Municipality of Cassano d'Adda, Giuseppe Petruzzo, director of the Adda di Leonardo Ecomuseum and well-known artists: Adrian Paci, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, professor at the Brera Academy and director of the GAMeC of Bergamo, and Filippo De Filippi, professor and coordinator of the Design department of Brera.

5) How is art transformed when, as in Ecoismi, it assumes a "social", informative value?

A context like that of Ecoisms it is the place where art and nature have the opportunity to renew their mutual myth. Here contemporary artists "invert" themselves with the artists of the past, instead of just painting the landscape, they are directly inspired by nature and reflect on "green" themes by placing their work directly in the landscape. The works of Ecoism are made with natural or recycled materials, the artists based their poetics on reuse of materials and waste objects, making them reborn and re-engaging in a cycle that brings them back to life.

6) Is there the possibility of taking guided tours of Ecoismi?

Yes, among the novelties of this year of Ecoisms there are guided tours, by appointment until the end of September. They are free and for timetables and reservations visit the website or the Fecebook page of Ecoismi. It is possible to visit Ecoismi freely every day, even listening to each work from theaudio guide which is activated by means of a smartphone by reading the Q.R. placed near each installation.

7) Are there any ad hoc events or initiatives in Ecoismi, for the little ones and for schools?

From the first edition of Ecoisms, in 2012, middle school pupils participated in workshops on the topics of Ecoisms thus approaching the languages ​​of contemporary art and environmental and eco-sustainable issues in an active and creative way. Beyond Ecoisms, then, it should not be forgotten that the Park is a green area where you can relax, play or go bird-watching.

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