Samsung Gear Fit: review

Samsung Gear Fit: review

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Samsung Gear Fit is Samsung's activity tracker which, in addition to monitoring the usual values ​​such as steps and sleep quality, becomes a real personal trainer.

The first feature that catches the eye is the beautiful AMOLED touch screen display on which you can view the time and date of the day, so you can replace your watch.

The timetable can be displayed with different graphics and colors so as to allow a wide choice in relation to your tastes.

Weight of the Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit weighs just 27 grams, less than the 59 grams of the Sony Smartband, the 32 grams of the FitBit Flex (which has no display) and just over the Jawbone UP! which weighs between 18 and 23 gr. depending on the size of the strap. The weight is exactly the same as the Garmin Vivofit which also weighs 27 grams.

Samsung Gear Fit strap

The strap is available in various colors: black, blue, fluorescent green, fuchsia and orange which can be purchased at an acceptable price: 24.90 euros.

Heart rate sensor integrated into the Samsung Gear Fit

The integrated heart rate monitor functionality is in my opinion one of those that can "make a difference" compared to other activity trackers that I have reviewed in the past. This feature is very important for runners in order to receive valuable information about their training.

The detected data then allows you to view related messages on the AMOLED display such as those you see in this image:

Instead, a GPS chip is missing which, however, is also missing in all the other activity trackers that I have reviewed so far.

Integration of the Samsung Gear Fit with Smartphones

The Samsung Gear Fit is constantly connected to your Smartphone so as to instantly view SMS, notifications, emails, incoming calls, alarms and other information generated by the mobile phone.

The interaction with the messages shown on the display (eg. Answer a call or not, delete a notification, etc.) takes place in an extremely intuitive way, i.e. with a touch on the AMOLED touchscreen display.

Samsung Gear Fit display

The AMOLED touchscreen display is 1.84 inches (4.66 centimeters) wide and has a resolution of 128 × 432 pixels

Samsung Gear Fit compatibility

The Samsung Gear Fit is compatible with a large number of Samsung Smartphones, even not very recent ones. Here's the list:

Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy Note 3 / Galaxy Note 3 Neo / Galaxy Note II / Galaxy S4 / Galaxy S III / Galaxy S4 zoom / Galaxy S4 Active / Galaxy S4 mini / Galaxy Mega 6.3 / Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) / Galaxy Note PRO.

Waterproofing of the Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit is IP67 which means it is water resistant for a maximum period of half an hour. It is therefore not suitable for those who want to wear it even during long swims in the pool.

Samsung Gear Fit sensors

The sensors of the Samsung Gear Fit include accelerometer and gyroscope (to detect steps and other activities associated with the movement of the wrist), stopwatch and heart rate monitor (it is the rectangular-shaped chip you see in the following image).

Samsung Gear Fit user manual

You can download the Samsung Gear Fit user manual in .pdf format by clicking on this link.

Battery life of the Samsung Gear Fit

The battery of the Samsung Gear Fit (210 mAh) varies its duration from 3 to 5 days in relation to the frequency and intensity of use: if we keep the bracelet constantly connected via Bluetooth to our Smartphone and receive a large number of notifications, the battery life (even of the Smartphone!) will decrease significantly.

Price and link for purchasing the Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit is currently available on Amazon for 179.18 euros in the version with a black strap. I always remind you that the price on Amazon is subject to frequent updates.

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