Natural remedies against ants

Natural remedies against ants

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The ants they are annoying insects able to invade even the most hidden corners of the house. In this regard we will show you some natural remedies for ants.

Natural remedies against flies, prevention
To keep away the ants, the first rule to be respected is to observe the most common hygiene rules
Ants have a penchant for high-sugar substances, which we find in both pantry products and leftover food. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain impeccable cleanliness: dirty dishes must be washed immediately, all crumbs from the floor must be removed and packs of sugar, biscuits and other foods must always be kept well sealed in the cupboard.
If you have identified the entrance that allows ants to enter the house, obstruct the access routes with electrical tape, or by using silicone.

Natural remedies against flies, what we need

  • Coffee poses
  • Talcum powder
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Essential oils
  • Insulating tape or silicone
  • Dispenser

Natural remedies against ants, talcum powder or coffee
Ants have a very developed sense of smell, but they hate smells that are too strong: just understand their path and sprinkle some talcum powder or coffee powder. The intense perfume given off by these two elements will keep them away.

Natural remedies against ants, essential oils
Alternatively, you can opt for essential oils, substances capable of releasing intoxicating fragrances into the air. Among the effective essences we find eucalyptus oil and cajeput oil, which among other things is also an excellent germicide.
For the preparation, just mix 5 ml of cajeput oil with 5 ml of eucalyptus oil and add 20 ml of ethyl alcohol then pour everything into the dispenser: you will get a natural air freshener, but at the same time effective against ants .
All you have to do is spray the natural repellent in the corners and areas most at risk

If you have a garden, ants can come in handy for clearing the lawn of small animal carcasses. To remove them from home, leave a few grains of sugar in the most distant points from the house, being careful not to leave traces along the way.

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