Electric car rental, companies and prices

Electric car rental, companies and prices

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Electric car rental: rates, prices, rental points and companies.

In the photo above, the refueling station ofelectric carsmade available by the Venetian Mobility Company (AVM) with the serviceI drive car sharing. The “Io Guido” program active in Venice is just one of the many examples ofelectric car sharingwe have in Italy.

Other examples: in the article "Rent electric cars, from Naples to Milan”We analyzed theelectric car rentalin the main cities of Italy, in detail:

  • EqSharing - Milan
  • ATM GuidaMI - Milan
  • Trenord-Evai - Milan, Varese, Como and Pavia
  • Bee - Naples
  • Econoleggio of TIL, Integrated Transport and Logistics Srl - Reggio Emilia
  • Maggiore EcoRent - In Italy there are 150 Maggiore EcoRent rental points
  • Hertz with the ElectriCity program - The ElectriCity service is available in Rome Tiburtina and Rome Ostiense
  • In Genoa, the Genova Syntonia service rents electric bikes and electric urban vehicles such as the Renault Twizy. The rate is not cheap at all: 15 euros per hour.

Luxury electric car rental
The most demanding may not be satisfied with the classicselectric cars for hire,where, usually the models to rent are Twizy, ZOE, iOn, C-Zero or the more complete Fluence. For this range of users there is the possibility ofrent a luxury electric car:

Tesla Italia's rental service allows you torent electric carsTest Roadstero Model S, the service is active on the whole boot subject to availability of the manufacturer. To apply, you must write to [email protected]specifying the following information:

- where you would need the car
-the model (the pure electric Roadster or the Tesla Model S)
-for how many days
- the period or date
- specify whether the rental is for display only or for the purpose of using the car

Tesla Italia reserves the right, from time to time, to approve the rental or not, based on the availability of the cars. Tesla Italy may refuse the rental even without giving some reasons.

Theelectric car sharingit is a phenomenon destined to grow in the short term, just think that in May one in four registrations was of a car intended for rent. In addition, a recent Deloitte ANIASA study highlighted the new trend of Italians: 63 percent of us are in favor of the use of so-called "alternative means" and in the next five years it is estimated that the use of new forms of sustainable mobility will continue to grow by 15 percent.

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