Reproduction of the rabbit, care

Reproduction of the rabbit, care

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Reproduction of the rabbit: period, advice, nest preparation and post-natal care.

For everything related to therabbit reproductionwe refer you to the specific article "Reproduction of the meat rabbit ",below we will focus on what are thecareto be dedicated torabbitduring such a delicate period.

Reproduction period of the rabbit: from January to March and April
The activity reproduction of the rabbit it starts as early as January and gradually intensifies. In the months of March and April, rabbits find ideal conditions for thereproduction. The future breeders, the so-called "comeback subjects " which, in autumn, will replace the rabbits that have reached the end of their career.

The new females for thereproductionthey must be selected among those born from rabbits that have reached the third year of reproduction.

Reproduction of the rabbit -Prevention and treatment
After giving birth it is important that the little onesrabbitsas soon as they are born are sheltered in the nest. If you find one or more rabbits wandering out of the nest already in the first days of birth, you must immediately check the rabbit's udders.

The breasts may be swollen and hard and secrete thin, cloudy (or yellowish, or brownish or blood-streaked) milk. Swollen, hard breasts and an unusual milk color are symptoms of onemastitis.

A bunny out of its nest from the first days could be the first alarm bell: the breasts could also be completely flat and empty due to lack of milk secretion.

In both cases the bunnies will not be able to feed themselves and hungry they will push themselves out of the nest in search of a "new mother". You can entrust the bunnies to a nurse by distributing them in other bunny nests of the same age.

Alternatively, you could think of artificial breastfeeding by giving milk a couple of times a day. The milk should be lukewarm, goat milk or you can use formula milk for kittens. To breastfeed newborn rabbits, you can use a bottle or a syringe without a needle. Afterreproduction of the rabbit, the rabbit with mastitis must be treated with antibiotics -you must contact a veterinarian-. The lack of milk may be due to a hormonal disruption very common among rabbits at the first birth, it should no longer manifest itself in the following births.

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