How to prepare barley coffee

How to prepare barley coffee

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There are several alternatives to the classic coffee: there are interesting drinks to consume such as barley, dandelion and chicory. These are preparations that are sold in organic and natural food stores: you can find ready-made mixtures that can be tasted hot. Today we will deal with barley, a food with various healthy properties for our body: thanks to the presence of silicon, according to experts it would have a purifying effect on the kidneys, but it could also be used in the treatment of cystitis and intestinal inflammation. In this regard we will illustrate you how barley coffee is prepared following our directions.

How to prepare barley coffee, the coffee roaster
To make a good barley coffee, roasting is essential, so we will need the toasting tool.
The old coffee roasters ensure a good roasting: it does not leave the seed or the root too raw, but not even scorched. They are ancient objects belonging to the peasant culture that can be found by those who have jealously preserved these historical artifacts, but also in flea markets or antiques.
If you can't find it, you can use the web: online you will find a wide range of coffee roasters

How to prepare barley coffee, roasting and grinding
Alternatively, you can arrange the grains in a pan to place over a high flame but not too much: they must brown but not burn or smoke; just shake it continuously so that the beans never remain in continuous contact with the flame.
Once this is done, remove them from the heat when the toasted scent hovers in the air, then let them cool
Pass them in the coffee grinder and then place the powder in a glass jar.
Store the jar in the pantry in the dark and away from humidity and sources of heat. It can be kept for one year: the important thing is to make sure that the jar is hermetically sealed.

How barley coffee is prepared, the preparation
Once the barley has been roasted and ground, we can prepare our barley coffee, here's how to proceed:

  1. Take the coffee maker and fill it with water as usual.
  2. Fill the funnel where you usually put the coffee halfway (never entirely)
  3. Put it on the stove ... and your barley coffee is ready

ATTENTION: the amount of barley you put in the funnel must be less than that of the coffee because barley has a different composition than coffee and operates a higher pressure.

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