Aloe vera, cultivation

Aloe vera, cultivation in pots or in the garden. All the detailed instructions for growing aloe. From the care to be dedicated to the plant to multiplication by cuttings.

It's possible grow aloe vera both in the house and in the garden, it is, in fact, a very rustic, resistant plant careeasy. Forgrow aloe verajust follow our advice.

Why grow aloe vera

Before moving on to the guide "how to grow aloe vera“, We remind you of thepropertybeneficial and curative effects of this famous plant, so as to understand why it can be very useful to cultivate it.

In closed spaces, such as the domestic one, the cultivation of Aloe Vera it can be useful on several fronts.

  • it is possible to exploit the beneficial properties of Aloe gel.
  • Aloe vera is a beautiful houseplant.
  • Aloe is useful for purifying the air in the home.

Yes, aloe can purify the air in the home. It is possible to purify the air by eliminating formaldehyde and other toxic agents released into the atmosphere by classic household cleaners. Aloe Vera is included in the list drawn up by NASA of plants that purify the air by capturing and eliminating a good number of polluting compounds.

Aloe vera, cultivation

Forcultivate aloejust follow our directions.

Aloe Vera, grown outdoors

Aloe is resistant to cold and can also be grown in the garden. Those who live in Central - Southern Italy canplanting aloe verain the garden, in the open ground and administer potassium sulphate in October to increase the plant's ability to withstand the cold.

Who lives in the center-north and meansgrow aloe verain the open field he will have to be careful to protect the plant from winter frosts and cold currents.

Choose a sunny position and work the soil by adding sand and expanded clay at the bottom of the planting hole. Aloe, more than the cold, fears humidity and water stagnation. Do not irrigate it in winter and, by ensuring it is exposed to the sun so, in the event of prolonged irrigation, the soil can dry out faster.

Also in order to protect the plant from moisture, incorporate sand into the soil which will make the soil more draining.

In order to protect the aloe from the cold, give potassium sulphate in autumn and, if necessary, cover the plant with non-woven fabric.

Where to buy potassium sulfate? In garden centers, at agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. On Amazon, a 1.25 kg pack of potassium sulphate is offered at a price of 19.20 euros with free shipping. It is useful for all plants that fear the cold.

For all information, I refer you to the page:Vitax potassium fertilizer.

Aloe vera, home grown

Who intendscultivatethis plant at home will have to keep it away from radiators and pay attention to humidity, the plant could rot.

The land to be used in the aloe vera cultivation
The soil must be sandy and well drained: thealoe veracan not stand water stagnation and even saucers!

Aloe vera watering

When irrigating Aloe vera, it is necessary to be careful not to wet the leaves. Water the plant two to three times a month.

Aloe vera, pruning

The aloe vera plant does not need to be pruned. If dry or rotten leaves appear, they must be removed.

Aloe vera, repotting

Period: the repotting of aloe vera must be done in spring. Just choose a larger pot, extract the plant with the earthen bread from the old pot and transfer it to the new pot by adding specific acid soil.

How to start growing aloe

The plants of aloe verathey can be purchased already ripe at a trusted dealer, they can be multiplied by cuttings or grown from seed.

Sow aloe vera

For the sowing of Aloe vera, the period from March to the first half of April is the ideal one.

Aloe, property

L'aloe verait is the ideal ingredient for the preparation of DIY body creams and can be useful in the composition of a good onenatural after-sunand if this is not enough for you, know that Aloe vera juice is a powerful ally in the fight against water retention, abdominal bloating and ... a sluggish intestine!

The active ingredients contained inAloe vera,among other things, they facilitate the transit of food in the gastro-intestinal tract, thus limiting the absorption of excess fat and calories. In this regard, we point out the contents:

  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Aloe Vera to drink

L'aloe veracan be administered in different forms, in this regard we refer you to our guide article,how to take Aloe Vera.

Aloe, contraindications

Theseside effects were reported following a "excessive" use of aloe vera juice, thoughgrownyouraloe vera plantsindependently, it is not recommended to produce do-it-yourself juices, better to limit yourself to using the gel for topical use. I don't sleep therecontraindicationsfor the use of aloe vera for external use. Thecontraindicationsshown here are indicated in the case of oral intake of aloe vera juice.

  • irritation of the intestinal tract
  • stomach ache
  • diarrhea and abdominal cramps
  • contraindications for diabetics: aloe vera juice would be able to lower blood sugar (blood glucose levels), therefore, those who take hypoglycemic drugs should be careful.

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