TL-WA860RE range extender for home and office

When the modem-router alone is not enough to ensure good wireless Internet coverage in all parts of the home or office, a range extender or repeater what to say if you want. Among the recent models on the market, we have tried the new one TL-WA860RE of TP-LINK and the judgment is positive. Here are the reasons.

The simple design of the TL-WA860RE, important in our opinion in an object that must be inserted-camouflaged in a furnishing context, is well designed to position it practically anywhere, leaving the power outlet free. Discreet, the repeater collects the Wi-Fi signal and repeats it, in fact, without the need for cables running through the room.

Obviously it is not only discreet and pleasing to the eye. The extender TL-WA860RE it is also provided with a LAN port which is very useful if you want to bring the Internet network to devices without Internet connectivity, as can happen in the case of SmartTV, decoders and various amplifiers.

TL-WA860RE above all it does well what is asked of a range extender: to make the Internet network stable, fast and accessible in every corner of the house or office, regardless of whether it is wireless b / g / n or via cable.

Compatibly with aesthetics, where it is best to place it is the device itself that indicates it. This because TL-WA860RE is equipped with a signal strength-quality signal originating from the access point or the source router, so there is no risk of 'shadow cones'.

Other positive aspects of TL-WA860RE are the intuitiveness of the few operating commands (not that a repeater is a technologically complex object, but if it does everything by itself it is better), and the presence of the WPS button to immediately associate the range extender with the modem-router.

And if you move it for a short time, for example to go on vacation. No fear, TL-WA860RE it is equipped with a profile management that allows portability while keeping the previously associated wireless networks in memory.

If you are interested in the item, you can also buy it online on by clicking here: TP-LINK TL-WA860RE Range Extender

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