Tinnitus: natural remedies

L'tinnitus and the Ringing in the earsPersistent which makes the life of those affected a nightmare. In this article we will see what the causes can be and what the possible ones natural remedies.

The number of people it suffers from tinnitus it is increasing over the years, so much so that today it is estimated that one in ten people suffer from or have suffered from tinnitus.

There cause of tinnitus according to the most accredited medical studies it would reside in a damageat the expense of cochlear hair cells, a type of cells present within the cochlea, a component of the inner ear.

Treatments for tinnitus can be divided into two categories: drug treatments and rehabilitation techniques. Below we will focus on deepening the second category, listing in particular the natural remedies which, according to reports from people with tinnitus, they have guaranteed relief and improvements.

- The most popular natural remedy to relieve tinnitus disorders consists in the use ofenvironmental sound generators or personal sound generators that can be prescribed by a specialist doctor, as part of atinnitus rehabilitation therapy. Environmental enrichment with particular sounds brings relief to the affected individual who can distract the brain from listening to thetinnitus.

Foods rich in melatonin such as olive oil, tomatoes, nuts and wine can help improve sleep quality, reducing the symptoms of insomnia generated by the "typical buzz" that warns the individual with tinnitus. Melatonin is also available in the form of capsule supplements.

- I'm from avoid foods rich in caffeine which would make it more difficult to sleep.

Foods rich in zinc such as fish, legumes, dark chocolate, oysters, toasted wheat and toasted pumpkin seeds can reduce noise, especially in older patients.

- A natural remedy of Ayurvedic medicine, which identifies tinnitus as a disorder "vata“, Related to the nervous system, prescribes to drink 2 times a day a tea made from chamomile, cinnamon and comfrey.

- A natural remedy of traditional Chinese medicine, consists in the use of techniques of acupressure. Pressing the thumb for periods of 1 minute on the points indicated in the following figure should be beneficial.

Acupressure: a natural remedy for tinnitus

To avoid every situation of stress which can amplify the symptoms of tinnitus.

Study techniques for managing stress and nervousness, such as breathing techniques that can be learned by attending yoga classes.

Avoid intense and prolonged noises which can damage cochlear hair cells. If in the course of your life you have spent a few nights in a disco, where the volume of the music is very high, you will surely have experienced the annoying effect of the "whistle" felt after leaving the disco and even more so after arriving home, when you you are lying down to sleep.

- All the people engaged in work that take place in very noisy environments (e.g. road works where pneumatic hammers are used), works in factories with noisy machinery, works inside airports, near moving planes, must protect yourself by wearing suitable headphones and taking frequent breaks in quiet environments.

- To read books that explain how to cure tinnitus with natural remedies and holistic treatments. Among the most successful books we point out the text "Miracle for Tinnitus“, Written by Thomas Coleman.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle, which involves a balanced diet and moderate but constant physical exercise.

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