Eliminate rust from iron

Eliminate rust from iron

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Eliminate rust from iron: in the articleHow to get rid of rust we have already seen all the mechanical methods for removing rust from iron and other metals. In particular we have seen howeliminate rust from ironwith the help of files, anti-rust brushes, sandpaper, drill and grinder.

When using the drill it is also possible to use small diameter abrasive cutters so as to be able to act in cavities or in very narrow areas.

With grinders and drills, depending on the tool used, the removal capacity of therust, in fact, there are different types of cutters starting from the materials: with steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze wires, synthetic fibers, with abrasive blades ... these tools can be disc for a tangential action, cup to impart strength from the 'high or in tufts to sand more evenly.

Forremove rust from iron,in addition to the mechanical methods described above, special products are available capable of effectively neutralizing therust.

Eliminate rust from iron with the converter
On the market there are "rust converters" which act as catalysts by implementing a chemical reaction that transforms the oxidized layer (rust) in an inert compound of black color, resistant and above all… paintable!

The converter forms a sort of film-forming barrier that protects for a long time, the only risk is the sudden changes in temperature which after a few years could cause micro-fractures and new oxygen infiltrations with the consequent appearance ofrust.

Arexon 4145 Ferox Rust Converter, 750 ml bottle
Among the various rust converters on the market, we point outFerox. This product can be found in all hardware stores with a price, for 750 ml bottles, which exceeds 20 euros. Online it is available at the price of 14.90 euros including shipping costs. Ferox does its job very well and as stated, creates a layer that can be easily repainted.

Eliminate rust from ironwith the finishes
Two coats of the product (not too tight) are sufficient: a thickness of 100 microm of product ensures excellent protection for several years. It takes four hours between one hand and the other. On the market there are enamels or gels, even resistant to high temperatures that at the same timethey eliminate rust from ironand guarantee the protection without reappearance of the oxidized layer for up to 8 years.

Eliminate rust from iron, the foreplay
Beforeeliminate rust from ironyou need to have a single precaution, that of brushing with a metal bristle brush so as to eliminate flaking rust. There is no need to brush or sand carefully, just remove the rust flakes or any old paint that has now detached from the iron.

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