How to grow watercress

How to grow watercress

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The watercress it is an aromatic plant that looks like a bush formed by small bright green pinnate leaves. The edible part is represented by the leaves which have a sour and spicy taste; they are used in the kitchen to flavor salads, sandwiches, sauces, etc. Watercress is not easily found on the market but can easily be grown in the garden or on the terrace. More information on the plant and its properties in the article "Watercress: plant and properties
In order to always have the watercress it is sufficient to carry out gradual sowing from April to June about every 15 days. However, given the plant's rather short life cycle, the watercress it can be sown at any time of the year and then harvested within a month. Let's see in detail how to grow watercress, following some useful indications.

How to grow watercress, directions

  • The plant lends itself to being grown in any type of soil and does not require particular cultivation practices: in any case, a soil rich in organic substances is to be preferred
  • At the time of sowing prefer a cool area away from direct sunlight: it suffers from heat and drought
  • The seeds are spread by broadcasting: germination takes place within 10 days
  • Once the leaves have grown, they can be harvested for a few months until the plants produce small white or pink flowers gathered in clusters
  • Watercress should be irrigated constantly, paying attention to water retention: the soil must be sufficiently moist
  • It is preferable to follow this herb with zucchini and tomatoes to have a rather rich soil available
  • Before sowing, the soil must be digged deeply, possibly preparing ventilated tunnels
  • To cultivate watercress, you can also use sufficiently deep pots, which will be filled with good soil and with expanded clay on the bottom. In this case, the seeds should be planted little and irrigated frequently.

How to grow watercress, the harvest
The leaves can be harvested when they have become about 10 cm high; they must be picked up with a pair of scissors or by hand. The leaves are collected until the plant blooms: subsequently seeds will be formed, which are contained within small pods. You can harvest them to renew the cultivation of watercress the following year.

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