Sow the lawn, when and how to proceed

Sow the lawn, when and how to proceed

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Sow the lawn: all the instructions and advice on when and how to proceed, from milling to laying the seeds.

The necessity of sow the lawnit could arise in several cases: certainly if you need to set up a new one turf but also in case of extraordinary maintenance of the lawn already sown.

What are the extraordinary maintenance interventions that require there-sowing the lawn? When the grass of ours lawn turns yellow and fails to recover, after spring, during the thaw, whenaerate the lawn it is not enough, or if you have practiced aggressive weeding to eliminate moss and weeds! If the lawn grass is yellow and shows no signs of improving, it may be necessary resow more resistant mixtures and suitable for our soil.

Re-sow the lawn

When the lawn grass turns yellow and shows no signs of improving even as a result of aeration or scarification, the most appropriate solution involves the removal of the old turf and a resow generalized. It is then possible to continue with there-sowing the lawnforthickenthe old turf or with resow located in specific areas that were previously affected by mosses.

In summary, it is necessaryre-sow the lawnself:

  • You have cleared part of the old lawn in order to contain the growth of moss
  • Following an unsuccessful weeding to eliminate weeds in the lawn
  • To thicken the turf
  • In case of yellowed turf

In short, sowing the lawn is an operation that should not be done only once in a lifetime! This is why it is good to rememberhow you do it!

When to sow the lawn

Whether it's the firstsowing the lawnor oneresowof repair, the best period does not change.

When is the lawn sown?The best time for sow the lawn it is in spring or late summer, the important thing is that there are temperatures above 10 ° C and below 22 ° C, very hot days require frequent irrigation.

Bettersow lawnon a non-windy day and with dry soil. Depending on your geographical area, the months of June, July, September, October and even November in southern Italy will do well when the cold is slow to arrive.

The seeder or seed spreader, a useful tool for sowing the lawn

It's not easy sow lawnhomogeneously.

In the spring the land intended for the growth ofmeadow, it must be tilled with clod breakers, plowshares or with a motor tiller. It will be necessary to prepare the soil by crushing the crust and leveling the surface. Only after carrying out this preliminary work will it be possiblesow lawnwith a seed spreader that evenly distributes the seeds.

How much does a spreader cost?
This one shown in the photo is sold for 25 euros. The seed spreaders can be used as fertilizer spreaders. Choose the seeds according to your needs: a slow-growing lawn is ideal for those with little time to devote to maintenance. The seed spreaders can be found at garden centers or by taking advantage of the online purchase, for different offers, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

How to sow the lawn

  1. After having hulled the old grass in order not to pollute the new sowing, it will be necessary to continue preparing the soil: level the surface with a sparse rake and make sure to break all the clods and lumps of earth that would prevent the germination of the lawn seeds.
  2. Remember to remove stones and roots brought to the surface by any motor hoe. When the surface is smooth and healthy enough, it will be possible to switch tosowing the lawn.
  3. Fill the spreader with a good mixture of lawn seeds, make parallel passes on the surface spreading the seeds evenly.
  4. Gently pass the rake making sure to bury the seeds by 1-2 cm. Those who prefer can distribute a centimeter of peat on the surface of the sowing.
  5. Fill the spreader with specific granular fertilizer for the lawn and distribute it on the sown area. At the end of the operation, irrigation will be necessary: ​​the water will dissolve the fertilizer which will provide the seeds with many easily assimilated nutrients so as to facilitate sprouting.
  6. The rolling of the surface is necessary to crush the seeds in the earth and prevent their dispersion by the action of the wind. The roller passes slowly by pushing it on the ground (and not pulling it!). Experts recommend making two cross passes.

Which seeds to choose

Based on the use you want to make of the lawn and taking into account the type of soil, choose the most appropriate seeds. Among the various proposals on the market, we point out those with the best value for money:

Maciste - Extra-strong Prato conf. from 1 kg
Although on the purchase package it is indicated that the doses are for 40 square meters, with one kg of this seed for lawn you can obtain a dense green area of ​​25 square meters. These are seeds for a low-maintenance turf, resistant to drought and suitable for the most diverse environmental conditions. The price is about 15 euros including shipping costs. Medium green lawn.

Strong extra strong lawn. 5 kg pack
Also in this case we are talking about a low maintenance and extremely resistant mixture. The seeds in question are 80% from Festuca Arundinacea, 10% from Lojetto, 10% from Poa Pratese. It is suitable for creating large green areas (up to 100 square meters). The color of the lawn is intense green, darker than the previous one. The price is around 49 euros including shipping costs.

Wolf-Garten - 25 m2 re-sowing lawn
If you already have a lawn but it is damaged, sparse or with uncultivated areas, you can improve the situation by taking advantage of these fast-growing seeds. The cost is 10.07 euros with free shipping.

With the right mix of seedsand using the same instructions, it is possible to perform thesowing of the flowery meadow.

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