Clean the chicken coop, disinfection instructions

Clean the chicken coop, disinfection instructions

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Clean the chicken coop: the disinfection of the chicken coop should follow a frequency of at least once a year. Make thecleaning a chicken coopaccurately and "deeply“, Means guaranteeing animals a healthy environment so as to reduce the risk of diseases, infections and parasitic attacks.

Forclean a chicken coopthedisinfection, that is a “sanitizing” intervention that concerns the litter, the floor and the walls, as well as all the equipment that is disassembled and cleaned. Forclean the chicken coopit will be necessary to completely replace the litter, disassemble and clean feeders, drinkers, racks and nests.

Clean the chicken coop with disinfection

Not just thechicken coop, any shelter that hosts other poultry such as turkeys, ducks, guinea fowls and geese, must be disinfected once a year, preferably in early autumn, when the animals tend to be in breeding pause. There disinfection it will have to happen achicken coopmackerel, after releasing the animals. Forclean a chicken coopwith laying hens, the month of October could be perfect precisely because of the poor egg laying that occurs in the so-called "period of the marc“.

There disinfection of the chicken coop must be performed with specific products available at agricultural consortia and the resales of agricultural products. The products, once diluted following the dosage and indications shown on the label, must be distributed on all surfaces of the chicken coop to clean (walls, floor, ceiling, ...) with shoulder pump.

Following thecleaning the chicken coopwe will have to wait for the so-called "sanitary vacuum ", a 2-week period during which the shelter remains empty and open to allow for further actiondisinfectantoperated by the effect of air and sunlight. Thelaying hensor other poultry present on the farm, must be introduced in clean chicken cooponly after having waited for the period of the "sanitary vacuum", after re-inserting the new straw or wood chip bedding and all the equipment.

Clean the chicken coop, the stages of disinfection

  1. During the autumn, in full reproductive rest of the poultry, provide for thecleaning the chicken coop.
  2. Remove the poultry and send them to a temporary shelter.
  3. Completely remove the litter and all tools from thechicken coop: manger, drinking trough, racks and nests.
  4. Buy a specific product for cleaning the chicken coop by contacting the nearest agricultural consortium.
  5. Dilute the product in water following the manufacturer's instructions and spray the product on all surfaces of the chicken coop using a backpack pump.
  6. Wait two weeks ofsanitary vacuum.
  7. Set up the new bedding with straw or wood chips.
  8. Re-insert the cleaned and disinfected equipment.
  9. Introduce the animals already present on the farm and any other new purchases.

Weekly cleaning of the chicken coop

In addition to the annual disinfection, to ensure the ideal hygienic conditions of your chicken coop, it is necessary to plan a weekly cleaning aimed above all at the management of feces.

To this end, it is good to distinguish the management of nocturnal stools (about 40% of the total), from daytime stools (about 60%).

The first point of attention regarding nocturnal feces is to direct a new hen purchased or a chick resulting from our breeding to sleep in the ideal place to optimize cleanliness and hygiene. We will therefore have to make sure that the hen occupies the right place of the night roost, without confusing it, for example, with the nest. Once the hen has chosen a space to sleep, it will always go back to sleep in the same space even in the following nights so it is good to act immediately so as to ensure the ideal order of our chicken coop.

The nocturnal droppings of the hens will have to accumulate in the space below the perches of the night roost, where we will have to create a container for collecting feces to be managed in order to create the ideal conditions for the natural fermentation of the faeces.

For the daytime management of faeces, it is extremely important to adequately size the chicken coop in relation to the number of hens, so as to create a sort of "permanent litter".

How to clean the chicken coop

Among the tools for periodic cleaning of the chicken coop, we recommend that you consider purchasing a pressure washer. There are many types on the market and the price changes considerably in relation to the power and accessories. Among the many products available on Amazon we would like to point out, for example, the K2 Kärcher pressure washer with 110 bar pressure, Full Control high pressure gun, 2 lances, 1 surface cleaner and 4 meter hose. More information and price on this Amazon page.

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