Garden in a bottle

Garden in a bottle

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Even if you don't have green space at home, we can still do gardening. Have you ever heard of garden in a bottle? With some salvaged objects, a few bottles, a few plants and a little imagination, we can create small masterpieces enclosed in glass. The bottled garden is a very effective solution to give life to real miniature ecosystems.
Here's how to create a self-sufficient natural environment inside a common glass bottle without any need for intervention from the outside.

How will the plants live without external interventions such as water? There will be no lack of water, it will accumulate in the form of condensation on the glass walls, and then return to the liquid state, wetting the ground like rain. In this way, the gardens under glass can survive autonomously for several years.

Garden in a bottle, what we need

  • Large transparent glass container with a wide neck: this container must be hermetically sealed with its cork or tin stopper.
  • Small plants suitable for humid environments such as ferns
  • Universal soil
  • Peat
  • Expanded clay
  • Wood coal
  • Sprayer

Garden in a bottle, the procedure

  1. Place draining material on the bottom of the glass container: a layer of expanded clay or gravel, then some wood charcoal that will prevent the formation of mold by absorbing moisture, as well as ensuring the right nourishment to the soil
  2. Once this is done, pour the soil, which must be rich in organic substances: it must be a sufficiently deep layer to best accommodate the roots of the seedlings
  3. Once the latter have been arranged, compact the ground around them well: if you prefer, you can also arrange moss or a few grains of colored gravel to make the composition more suggestive
  4. Wet the soil well and close the pot
  5. Place the container in a very bright environment but away from direct sunlight.

The pot must remain closed: from time to time you can open it to prune the seedlings and possibly add liquid fertilizer. At this point it will not be surprising if our micro system can last many years.

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