How to save energy at home

How to save energy at home

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If you are wonderinghow to save energy at home know the worldof energy efficiencyprovides you with a large number of ready-to-use utilities.

Forsave energy in the houseyou can understand how to insulate the entire building, install a solar roof or focus on the underfloor heating system ... or, in cheaper terms, you can evaluate the purchase ofenergy saving devices"Minors", low price.

The first step with lighting
According to theEnvironnement Canada, in a house there are usually about thirty light bulbs who consume about $ 200 per year. With low consumption light bulbs, the cost drops below $ 50! In this regard, we refer you to the articlehow to choose a light bulb.

Still on the lighting front, it is possible to evaluate the installation of:

  • glass tile walls (glass brick)
  • white walls
  • mirrors
  • anti-reflective films
  • periscopes
  • funnels of light
  • skylights

Mirrors and mirror games, as well as keeping evil spirits away (just as the art offeng shui),favor a well-lit environment. Mirrors allow you to have a greater amount of light in many environments and to bring the view of sunrise or sunset to other parts of the house or to work environments. Even an internal white wall, if placed immediately to the left of a window facing east, will reflect the light towards the rest of the environment.

Energy saving, tips
There are real electricity thieves in the house! The hairdryer is one of them, try to make a short cut or, before using the hairdryer, dab your hair very well, it will protect the scalp from thermal stress and help your wallet!

The tumble dryer, the electric oven, the sodium incandescent lamps and the water heater can seriously harm the household. Learn to use them with awareness. In the article "How to save on your bill”We give you 10 tips ready to implement forsave energy in the house.

There are cheap accessories (smart switches, timers, motion sensors, thermostats…) that with a cost of less than 50 euros can guarantee you more substantial savings. The most classic example is that of low consumption light bulbs, a 25 watt fluorocompact bulb has the same light intensity as a normal 100 watt bulb, costs a little more but has a lifespan 10 times longer and consumes the 75% less energy!