Brush for cleaning the photovoltaic system

Brush for cleaning the photovoltaic system

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To schedule a good maintenance of thephotovoltaic systemyou need to have the right tools, among these are the equipment dedicated tocleaning the panels.

On the market there are kits for washing solar panels and even robots that wash the photovoltaic surface automatically. There is no shortage of cleaning companies specializing in solar systems ... but who wantsto washautonomously your own domestic solar system probably does not intend to spend large sums ... so it will have to get one Brush appropriate.

Choose the brush suitable for cleaning the photovoltaic system
If the photovoltaic system is "on the ground floor" and small in size, just have a sponge (non-abrasive) and elbow grease to clean it.

Unfortunately, it is almost never that simple: domestic systems have surfaces that are difficult to access, especially when it comes tosolar roofs. Fortunately, there are brushes with telescopic and tilting handles on the market! Who wants to provide for themselves aclean the solar panelswill have to get oneprofessional brush(with soft bristles) which incorporates a tube for the passage of water and is equipped with a telescopic and foldable handle.

The handle must "stretch”Until it reaches the photovoltaic roof and must tilt until it reaches the perfect slope angle of the same system. The water that feeds this brush must pass through a particular filter or in any case be pure, deionized and therefore pH neutral water.

What are the characteristics of a good onebrush for cleaning the solar system? The brush in question must have:

  • telescopic handle: the handle must stretch enough to be able to cover the height necessary to reach the panel.
  • tilting handle: the inclination must be such that the instrument can be passed over the entire surface of the panel. usually the systems have an inclination to better capture the sun's rays.
  • it must have strong and soft bristles.
  • must have water exit holes.

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Kit Solar-Wash Brush for cleaning the photovoltaic

The brush can be associated with a specific detergent for photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, we recommend using the detergent only in the case of stubborn stains.

ThereBrush, to ensure a good cleaning of the panel, it must incorporate a system capable of allowing water to flow through the bristles. For this purpose, most ofbrushes for cleaning solar panels have, in the handle, a special hole to insert a flexible tube to be anchored to a water source (preferably deionized and neutral pH); the water, from the handle, is led up to the area of ​​the bristles where it comes out until it reaches the surface of the implant.

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