Grow roses in open ground or in pots

Grow roses in open ground or in pots

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How to grow roses: instructions, step by step, from planting to treatment. Fertilization, exposure and how to plant roses in the open field or with repotting.

We will see in detail the cultivation of roses in the ground or in pots.

Variety of roses

Before showing you how to grow roses, I will spend a few words at variety of rose so as to allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Those who have a house by the sea certainly cannot choose the same one variety of roses of those who live in the high mountains!

Similarly, anyone who wants to organize a hedge rose bush cannot cultivate the same roses chosen by those who intend to grow them on the balcony.

Choose the varieties of roses to grow following the directions in the article "Variety of Roses". Give herclimbing rosesto roses for the hedge, from wind-resistant varieties to more fragrant roses.

How to grow roses

From exposure to care, here's how to grow roses in pots or in the garden, planting roses in the open ground.

When to plant roses?

The best time for planting falls in autumn or spring. The mild temperatures are complicit in the planting of many plants, including the rose.

Where to grow roses?

Location plays a key role in many crops. Each plant, in fact, needs a more or less determined amount of light.

Roses need a sunny exposure with at least 5 hours of sunshine a day.

Can roses be grown in the shade?

Many varieties are well suited to cultivation in shady areas, also in this case I recommend you read the article indicated above and dedicated to the varieties of roses.

What should the terrain be like?

Almost all roses prefer light soils with a slightly alkaline or slightly acid reaction (with a pH between 6 and 7.5). The soil must be well draining.

Rose in vase

Who intendsgrow roses in potswill have an easy life: before planting, you will have to buy a specific soil for roses!

Tillage for growing yields in the garden

Who wantsgrow rosesin the open ground, at the end of September, he will have to prepare the soil by digging to a depth of 40-50 cm, removing old roots, plant residues, stones…. digging will serve to obtain a soft and well-loosened soil.

How to plant roses in the garden

Let's see, step by step, how to start one rose cultivation in the garden with the planting. The instructions are useful for bothbare root roses, both for roses in vase, with earthen bread.

To plant the roses, prepare a hole about 60 cm wide and 40 to 50 cm deep.

A deeper hole must also be dug for bare root roses. The reason? You have to add fertilizer to the bottom.

For the planting of roses in the garden, sprinkle lime powder on the walls of the hole and on the removed soil (lime powder is used to disinfect the soil).

Leave the hole open until the moment of planting taking care to protect it from the rain with a plastic sheet.

Once you have purchased the rose bush, plant it as soon as possible.

In the hole, create a layer of 6-7 cm of gravel to help the water flow. If the soil is particularly clayey, bring the layer of gravel to 10 cm.

Make a layer of mature manure to cover with another layer of earth.

Add 2-3 handfuls of slow release fertilizer.

Place the plant in the hole and press the ground with your feet but do not overdo it.

Wet abundantly and if necessary add more earth.

They are sold on the marketrosebusheswith bare root (sold in paper or plastic boxes) or with the root that has the classic stick of earth.

How to plant bare root roses

Before planting there are some precautions to follow. Once you have purchased the rose bush, immerse the roots in a creamy mixture obtained by mixing earth, water and a handful of organic fertilizer.

Leave the roots to soak for about 15 minutes. Place the rosebush momentarily in a 30 cm hole covered with a mix of earth and peat in equal parts. After a week it will be possible to continue with the planting as seen previously.

When to plant roses

Generally, the best time for planting falls in spring and autumn forroses in the garden. Let's see, however, specifically, the right period to startgrow roses.

Cultivation of the rose in pots and repotting

The purchase of roses in pots can be done all year round, after the purchase a repotting is always recommended.

When to repot roses? In theory, it could continue at any time of the year, except for periods that are too hot or too cold or when the plant is in full vegetation. In practice, it is possible to repot the rose in early spring or autumn.

When to plant roses in open ground?

The best times for planting a rose bush abare rootthey run from mid-October to mid-December and from mid-February to early April.

Cultivation of roses in pots

Even those who do not have a garden can grow roses on the balcony or terrace, in this regard we refer you to the guide article How to grow roses in pots. The only concern: try to repair the roses from the wind in the event of a balcony on the upper floors, where the winds blow strong and risk damaging flowers and leaves.

How to fertilize roses

For now we have explained to you when and how to plant roses. In this paragraph we will focus on care to dedicate to roses starting from spring.

Every year, starting in spring, when temperatures start to rise, it is important to start providing the right nutrients to support the vegetative growth of roses. Fertilizers are important to support flowering and to prevent leaf tissues from turning yellow (yellow leaves are a symptom of nutrient deficiency in the soil).

The most suitable fertilizers for roses are those that provide:

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Manganese (Mn)

Manganese, iron and potassium strongly support the flowering of roses while nitrogen and phosphorus support green tissues.

Among the fertilizers that provide, in a balanced way, the nutrients mentioned, we point out the granular fertilizer for rosesToprose. This fertilizer, to the listed nutrients, addsnatural activatorswhich increase the development of roots and buds. It can be used both for roses in pots and for roses in the ground. On Amazon, this fertilizer is offered by Bayer at a price of 17.65 euros with free shipping costs.

For all information: Toprose granular fertilizer

It is a slow-release and above all long-lasting fertilizer.

How to care for roses

With the right fertilizations, rose plants should not suffer from pest attacks. For all instructions on thecare, I invite you to read the in-depth study on the page: diseases of roses. Like all other plants, even therose they can be prey to infestations of aphids and leafhoppers.

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