Orchid: flowering and care

Orchid: flowering and care

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When thefloweringin the process of purchasing theorchid you have to work hard to recreate the ideal conditions to witness a new oneflowering. To induce aorchid at floweringseveral factors are required: a temperature change, light, temperature, irrigation, humidity and fertilization.

Orchid, care
We refer you to How to take care of orchids.

Flowering orchid
In the article "How to make the orchid bloom”We have given you several useful information and we have explained the ideal conditions for the floweringof this magnificent plant. We have explained to you that theflowering of the Orchidit only fires in particular conditions and, in the home, forto blossomthe plant can take advantage of the light and variations in temperatures. To create the ideal conditions for theflowering of the orchid, in addition to light and temperatures, attention must be paid to watering and fertilizing.

Orchid pruning
L'orchidit does not require a real pruning. Rather thanprunedry stems, the user must prevent any damage to the plant. More than ofpruning, With the'orchidwe talk about cutting the stems. Depending on the cut you will havebloomsmore or less abundant.

The user can choose whether to have many small flowers or a few larger ones. After the flowering of the orchid it will be possible to cut the floral stems below the last node that precedes the first flower or to completely eliminate the stem.

If you cut the stem:
the plant will be able to branch off the old stem and produce numerous but smaller flowers.

If you remove the stem:
the plant will create a new stem which requires much more energy to produce new flowers but ensures a more spectacular and lasting flowering.

Phalaenopsis orchid
L'Phalaenopsis orchidit is also known as "butterfly orchid" due to the similarity of the flower to the shape of butterflies. In the link indicated allcareto be allocated toPhalaenopsis orchid.

How to repot the orchid
In the link indicated, how and when to repot orchids. Before extracting theorchid from the old pot it is good to wet the roots 24 hours before repotting in order to make them softer and easier to untangle.

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