Sowing and moon phases

Sowing and moon phases

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Sowing and moon phases: Following the lunar phases in agriculture does not mean being superstitious or respecting a popular belief but being based on knowledge dictated by ancient peasant experience that confirms how the moon can affect sowing and harvesting. A good reason to follow the phases of the moon is to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides: it is a way to find a natural and dynamic balance in nature.

The moon has, as you well know, a waxing and a waning phase. To be able to recognize them easily, you can use a simple trick: when the hump from the moon forms a "D" the moon is waxing, when it forms a "C" the moon is waning.

Sowing and moon phases in winter
With the growing moon it is advisable to sow vegetables that will be ripe in spring-summer: this is the case of aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and courgettes. With the waning moon, on the other hand, the various types of cabbage, fennel and lettuces must be sown

Sowing and moon phases in spring
With the growing moon it is good to sow chard, onions, turnips and spinach. Instead, with the waning moon, green beans, pumpkin, radicchio and cucumber;

Sowing and moon phases in summer
With the waning moon, chicory, endive and beetroot are sown, while with the growing moon, parsley, bean, thistle and rocket;

Sowing and moon phases in autumn
With the waning moon, cabbage, turnip, onion and lettuce are sown. But with the growing moon it is better to sow pea in mild climates or radish.

In general it can be said that:

  • the crescent moon favors the vegetal development of plants: the juices rise to the surface
  • the waning moon has the opposite effect: the juices withdraw towards the root and the earth is receptive.

For further information, you can read the article "Moon and sowing, the rules"

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