Renewable energy, the most convenient offers

Renewable energy, the most convenient offers

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We are booming for renewable energies all over the world, to the point that someone hypothesizes a possible slowdown and invites institutions to rightly take cover. In fact, the 250 billion (data in dollars) invested in 2013 in renewable energies they no longer go unnoticed as they did a few years ago, even if the goals are even more ambitious.

The renewable energies they have already reached 22 percent of the total planetary energy production, but the target set for 2020 is 26%, or more than a quarter of total energy production.

In order to achieve the objectives, the impulses coming from supranational bodies such as the European Union are crucial, which has staked a lot of its energy policy in the well-known "20/20/20" of the Kyoto Protocol (reduction of greenhouse gas 20%, share of renewable energies at 20%, energy savings at 20% by 2020).

Even gas and energy suppliers for home and business are moving with increasing conviction towards offers and promotions that are environmentally friendly, providing green tariffs, that is, entirely derived from renewable energy sources.

Not only that: there are also suppliers such as GDF SUEZ Energie who support the projects of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) through the subscribers of their casapiùverde offer. The Abbey of San Fruttuoso in Camogli, the Villa Gregoriana Park in Tivoli and the Abbey complex of Santa Maria di Cerrate in Lecce can in fact count on maintenance costs and renovations obtained (also) thanks to the contribution of users, in total transparency.

To these offers based on renewable energies are added those of those who aim to favor the energy saving, such as Illumia which with Energia Semplice offers a kit of LED bulbs worth 200 euros, to save approximately 100 euros per year in the bill every year.

Other green offers are Hera Comm's Natura Web Net Price, which in addition also offers the Casa Sicura service to insure against faults relating to the meter and system up to 3,000 euros, Enel's Green E-light, A2A Energia and Acea's Green Safe Price. Viva by Acea Energia. With the rate comparator of IdeeGreen you can compare them to choose the most convenient based on the consumption profile.

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