How to build a flower shop

How to build a flower shop

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How to build a planter. Planters are indispensable elements in a garden, they can be built in a corner or along the entire edge, in some situations they can help us to separate two areas, perhaps the one intended for children's play from the relaxation area for adults. Herehow to build a planter.

What is needed forbuild a planter

  • Concrete
  • Solid bricks
  • Cement mortar
  • Gravel for drainage (if you likebuild a planter on the terrace, the gravel will need to be replaced with expanded clay)
  • Membrane or filter sheet

Calculate that if you have tobuild a brick planterin the open garden, ie on the ground, you will have to prepare foundations. If there is already a floor, you will not need either excavations or a concrete screed because the bricks will be placed directly on the floor.

The first thing to do forbuild a brick planterconsists precisely in preparing the masonry. The amount of bricks depends on the length of your project. The wall will be one or two brick thick, depending on the size of yoursplanter.

Place one brick on top of the other and when you finish laying each course check the level with the bubble making sure that everything is always level. If you arrange the bricks in two rows, place all the bricks horizontally except for the last course where the bricks will be placed on the edge. The bricks are fixed to the floor and to each other with the mortar joints that you will have to arrange with a trowel.

Along the lower course of the bricks (the first row of bricks you have, the one directly in contact with the ground), remember to leave holes for drainage, in order to allow the water to drain.

Before proceeding with the filling of yoursplanter, wait at least one day: the mortar must dry completely.

Place on the bottom of theplantera layer of about 5 centimeters of gravel for drainage. The most scrupulous, before laying the gravel can spread a filter sheet resolved on the sides, essential if you intendbuild the planter on the terrace. In addition to any filter sheet placed on the ground, spread a new filter membrane on the gravel, turning it vertically for about 10 cm: this membrane will allow less soil to come out of the drainage holes when irrigated and especially during storms. Fill with soil and plant.

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