Portulaca in the kitchen, recipes and tips

Portulaca in the kitchen, recipes and tips

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Therepurslane in the kitchen. Therepurslaneis a beautiful succulent plant to be able tocultivatewith extreme ease so much so that some species of the genus purslane they grow like weeds.

The genre "purslane“Includes about 200 species of herbaceous plants, almost all succulent with fleshy stems and leaves, more or less dark green. They can be annual or perennial and with erect or prostrate posture.

Portulaca property
The active ingredients of thepurslanegive this plant numeroustherapeutic propertiesMucilage, proteins, calcium, iron, vitamins A, C and E, saponinand a very high content ofOmega 3, even more than the much acclaimed fish. Grat acids (omega-3) are very useful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The mucilages, contained in high quantities, make purslane a natural emollient, very useful for dry and reddened skin. Purslane is also used as a depurative, diuretic, vermifuge and refreshing.In the kitchenseeds are very useful, rich in nutrients, oil and proteins.

Portulaca Recipespurslane in the kitchen
From the seeds of thepurslanea flour rich in micronutrients is obtained. Whole seeds can be used as a cereal in the morning breakfast, in soups based on cereals or legumes, while the flour, mixed with that of wheat, is suitable for the preparation of cakes, bread and leavened flans. Leaves and stems of thepurslanethey can be dried (even in the sun!) and stored inside to be used in the preparation of soups or as cooked vegetables after re-hydration (they must first be soaked in water).

Portulaca in the kitchen: tortellini with portulaca

    • 250 grams of tortellini
    • 200 ml of soy cream
    • 1 cup of purslane
    • 3 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
    • pepper and nutmeg

Pour the cream into a pan and let it reduce for a few minutes. Add the grated Parmesan, pepper, nutmeg and remove from heat. Chop the purslane and mix it with the cream.

There purslane in the kitchenvelvety purslane

Purslane salad
Purslane salads with watercress and tomatoes can be prepared using the well-developed leaves, while those who want to enjoy a purslane salad without other vegetables will have to choose sweet sprouts and leaves.

How to grow purslane
All useful information for the cultivation of perennial purslane or yearly.

Sow purslane
It is not difficult to propagate purslane from one garden to another, however, if you don't know where to find the plant, a mail order purchase is available online: a package of selected purslane seeds for food purposes is offered at a price of about 8 euro with shipping included.

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