Auto ad aqua, the Hydromoving kit

Auto ad aqua, the Hydromoving kit

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Water car: an all-Italian project makes it possible to feedhydrogen cardirectly with water.

L'hydrogen as fuel it is already a reality on various car models but we have repeatedly talked about the problems linked to this energy source (storage, transport, production….).

An Italian engineer and designer solved, in one fell swoop, all the limitations related to the use ofhydrogenas fuel, in what way? Developing a kind of “Instant extractor"Capable of stripping the hydrogen atoms from the water molecule (H2O) to send them to the combustion chamber of the engine.

Water car
His name is Lorenzo Errico, he is from Leverano and with his idea he wants to reach out to low-emission mobility. The system developed by Lorenzo Errico involves the installation of a tank in the hood of the car, the tank is intended to contain water which, transmitted to some particular containers, is converted into hydrogen ready for combustion.

The system, already patented, is based onelectrolysis so fromwateryou can producehydrogenon demand "(at the request of the engine) to be burned in real time, thus eliminating all risks related to the storage of hydrogen and the installation of new ad hoc refueling stations.

"Energy consumption - says engineer Errico - is very low compared to all the patents presented to date on electrolysis. We produce a cubic meter with 1.8 - 2 kW. This allows you not to overload the car by exploiting the heating power that the combination of hydrogen and oxygen gives "

To have awater carthere is no need to buy a new car: a special kit has been developed ready to be mounted on your car. The car burns a small amount of fossil fuel (gasoline, methane, LPG or diesel) to produce the energy needed forelectrolysis, drastically reducing polluting emissions.

The origins of the project
The project is not like that "new", the first tests were conducted on a Saab 900 Turbo Sport as early as 1981, when it built the first electronically controlled system ofwater injection, significantly increasing the engine's fluidity and bringing the engine power from 185 to about 250 horsepower, without any side effects for the car.

Over the years, the Apulian engineer continued to develop his project until in 2007 he reached a turning point and within a couple of years he centered the attention of several companies, including Marangoni SPA which has come to commission a feasibility study on the super sporty Nissan 370 Z. The work began in 2009 and is completed very well, the result is an international success and sees the birth of the projectHydromoving thanks to which it is possible feed the car with water.

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