Evergreen garden plants

Evergreen garden plants

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Evergreen garden plants: what are theoutdoor plantsto be grown in pots or in the ground to always have lush foliage,evergreenand maybe some flowering. From evergreen bushes to evergreen pot plants.

Evergreen garden plants.An evergreen plant, unlike deciduous trees, has a very slow and gradual leaf turnover, so they do not drop leaves during the coldest season of the year. Theevergreen plants, therefore, they are decorative 365 days a year, they can be woody plants such as trees, shrubs or bushes, they can be grown in pots or in the ground and, if necessary, can give splendid blooms. In short, talk aboutevergreen garden plantsit is very difficult because we are talking about a very heterogeneous group of plants.

There are garden evergreens that can grow well in the shade and / or resistant to cold, on the contrary, other evergreens are suitable for tropical climates and resistant to cold. Then there are evergreen plants that grow in bushes, climbing evergreens or small garden trees as is the case with dwarf varieties.

Evergreen garden trees

Those with a large garden can chooseevergreen plantselegant like ibroadleaf trees:the olive tree, the holm oak, the myrtle, the cork but also the laurel and the strawberry tree. Citrus fruits such as orange, mandarin and lemon can be grown in order to exploit their blooms and even fruiting.

Citrus fruits, with some attention, can be considered godspotted outdoor plants because they adapt well to growing in containers. For all information: cultivation of citrus fruits in pots.

Evergreen garden plants: shrubs and bushes

There are numerousshrubs and evergreen busheswhich, based on their characteristics, are well suited for setting up borders, flower beds or hedges ... or more simply, pre-creatinglow bushes! Among the various evergreen plants, we propose these names:

  • the abelia
  • the Aucuba
  • the Cotonestro
  • Barberis vulgaris
  • the Lauroceraso
  • the Cotoneastro

Among the garden evergreens, perfect for making low borders, we can provide you with this list:

  • the Sedum
  • the Viburnum (blooms in winter) and grows well in the shade
  • the Phiox
  • the Vinca
  • the Privet
  • the Festuca
  • the Laurel

Flowering evergreen plants

Betweenevergreenexist flowering garden plantsable to give scents and colors. This is the case of Hellebore better known as Christmas Rose, it is onecold-resistant evergreen plant.Among the shrub varieties, in addition to those listed above, we highlight the periwinkle which in summer gives white, pink or blue flowers and the Hypericum with yellow flowers.

Hardy evergreen plants

There are severalevergreen garden plantsresistant to cold and shade. Aucuba japonica grows well in the shade as does Bergenia cordifolia; Bergenia offers small violet flowers with a typical bell shape, while those who prefer five-petaled flowers, Choiya ternata grows well in the shade and gives small white flowers.

Cleyera japonica is oneevergreen garden plantwhich gives fragrant flowers, is characterized by thick and waxed leaves with an intense green color. Eleagnus also grows well in the shade and is characterized by small green leaves spotted with yellow. Those who love bright colors can evaluate the cultivation of Ilex with its red berries.

Those who prefer climbing plants can opt for the famous Hedera, making sure to prune it: uncultivated ivy could give refuge to a large number of unwanted guests (mice, lizards, various types of insects ...), the same goes for shrub plants.

Potted outdoor plants: flowering evergreens

Almost all the evergreen plants we've mentioned so far are well suited to growing in pots. Betweenevergreenmore ornamental, with decorative leaves and which periodically offer beautifulblooms, we point out the most beautiful ones.


Jasmine can be adapted to growing in pots. In particular, Carolina jasmine is an evergreen that blooms profusely from late spring to autumn. Be careful not to get confused, we are talking about the Gelsemium sempervirens species. If well kept, even in pots, it can reach two meters in height.

Citrus fruits in pots

For the cultivation in pots many choose the so-calleddwarf varieties. In reality, even the common varieties, with special pruning, can adapt to cultivation in pots. The only exception is that potted citrus fruits, during the winter, if temperatures drop below 0, will have to be moved to a sheltered position, otherwise they will fail to bloom or damage the plant.


Carissa grandiflora is an evergreen that prefers the climate of Southern Italy. It produces small, very pretty and fragrant white flowers, which then ripen into edible red berries known as Natal Plums. Also in this case, the plant should be stored in the shelter during the winter.


This evergreen plant, perfect for growing in pots or in the open ground, is highly regarded for its showy flowers. It develops white hanging flowers, in long inflorescences that take the form of fragrant clusters. Yucca requires little care, is hardy and tolerates drought well. A soil that is too humid is not recommended, especially during the winter, so even in the case of growing in pots, in winter you should completely suspend irrigation. The only precaution, to always have a well-ordered plant, is to cut the stems of withered flowers so as to promote the development of new flowers. It resists the cold well, although those who live in the far north would do well to cover the plant with a sheet of non-woven fabric so as to protect it in case of intense frosts.

Where to buy the plants mentioned?
At well-stocked nurseries, garden centers or consortia, or you can take advantage of online sales. For example, on Amazon, an evergreen plant ofYuccafrom a height of 55 cm, you can buy it at a price of 38.70, including a lacquered black square vase. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you tothis Amazon page.

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