Grow sprouts indoors

Grow sprouts indoors

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Grow sprouts in home it is a good solution to supplement the production of the garden and, above all, to have fresh vegetables available in the winter months when the garden goes to rest. And if you have a vegetable garden, well then learn the home cultivation of sprouts it will be even more useful.

The first thing to know is that every edible plant seed sprouted is an excellent food rich in precious nutrients. However, some seeds are more interesting than others for their nutritional properties and for the ease with which they germinate.

Grow sprouts it is easier with: lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, sunflowers, oats, wheat, barley. Obviously the cereals must be whole and not pearly and in any case the quality of the sprouts depends on the quality of the seed: choose them fresh and organic.

Growing sprouts: how to do it

First, wash the seeds thoroughly and clean them of any residues that could rot. Place the seeds in a liter jar of preserves and cover it with fresh water so that the water is three times the layer of seeds. Close the pot with gauze held in place by an elastic (the cultivation must breathe).

Place the jar to macerate with the water and seeds as much as possible in the dark, a cupboard or at least a cover of foil is fine, and make sure that the room temperature is around 20 ° C. The maceration time is on average one night, two will be needed for the larger seeds.

After maceration, remove the water and rinse the seeds with plenty of just warm water, then let them drain well. At this point, place the jar with its contents upside down on a saucer and let the seeds germinate. Depending on the type, it will take from 2 days (sunflower) to 9 days (wheat). Every day remember to rinse the seeds with the help of a strainer.

The sprouted seed can be consumed immediately, but if you leave it in the light for a few hours it will be loaded with chlorophyll and will be even more nutritious. An even simpler way to consume small fresh sprouts is to let the seeds soak for two days in water before cooking, taking care to rinse them every day.

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