Shelters for chickens and hens

Shelters for chickens and hens

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Who is on the hunt for shelters for chickens and hens is spoiled for choice: a large number of models are available on the market, and there is no shortage of do-it-yourself solutions for build a chicken coop in the garden or in the vegetable garden.

Buy a recovery for thebreeding amateur of chickens and hens it is very simple, but before purchasing, remember that manage a chicken coop it is not very easy: the maintenance and care to be dedicated to the animals are carried out on a daily basis.


Shelters for chickens and hens have prices that fluctuate based on construction materials, size and sizetechnologiesrequests; some breeders build shelters with large windows, kappe and fireplaces for humidity control and for the prevention of diseases. Surely the installation of a fireplace greatly reduces the need for maintenance but requires a rather high initial cost, which those who want to start an amateur breeding do not intend to cover.


When you intend to buy ashelter for chickens and hens, it will be necessary to think of a structure that provides a sheltered and dry place and a grazing area. As an alternative to the purchase ofshelters for chickens and hens, lovers ofbiologicalmay consider raising chickens outdoors.

It is possible to build a chicken coop with recycled material (old furniture, drawers, pallets ...) and a cleverly implanted loose mesh net. Even in the case of aDIY chicken coopit will be necessary to provide for the construction of a sheltered environment (Closed with litter, manger, drinking trough ...) and an external environment.

Usually, those who evaluate the purchase of ashelter for chickens and hensconsider different options, including the possibility of adapting the wooden houses provided byBrico or Leroy Merlin, cages to be covered…. actually marketed the models ofhospitalizationsthey are numerous and adapt well to all needs, both in terms of price and in terms of space management.

Among the most renowned producers (but also relatively more expensive) we mention Faza and Terenziani, however on the market there are more accessible and equally practical products; among the cheaper models we mention those Ferranti, while speaking of small houses we point out the Tabec models shown in the photo above. The Tabecs in the picture cost, respectively, 267 euros for the model shown on the left and 175 euros for the model on the right. Other prices and models of chicken and hen shelters can be found in our photo gallery.


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