BackBeat FIT fitness headset: our review

BackBeat FIT fitness headset: our review

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BackBeat FIT is theheadset just right for gift to a friend who loves the fitness, or to buy for us if we have this passion and we like music in training.

Plantronics, which is a guarantee when it comes to headphones & surroundings, designed it with a device suitable for a very active lifestyle in mind, and in our opinion there is everything. In fact, we are talking about a headset which combines comfort, fit and design with excellent stability, a fundamental requirement when taking care of physical fitness in the gym or outdoors.

BackBeat FIT it can be connected with all devices wirelessly Bluetooth and is so small and light that it allows you to fully dedicate yourself to fitness and enjoy music at the same time stereo performance is superior and hello to tangled cables.

The design offers a comfortable and secure fit, whatever the activity level. A headset perfect for training, even intense, because it is sweat-proof. Plus, the bright colors and reflective materials help protect you day and night.

The version of BackBeat FIT we recommend is the one already equipped with a portable armband case where you can also insert your smartphone and car keys during training. The price rises a little compared to that of the solo headset, but you will have everything you need for yours fitness. All, and there is, you can find it at 146.99 euros

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