Venice Carnival 2015, great events with Expo

Venice Carnival 2015, great events with Expo

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Venice and Milan will have something to share in view ofExpo 2015. TheVenice Carnival 2015will embrace the main theme of the Universal Exposition to be held inMilanduring the same year.

To cure theVenice Carnival 2015will be Davide Rampello who immediately explains the nature of this partnership: "The Expo is about food, Carnival will be about the cuccagna, about the idea of ​​food as abundance and fun, but never waste. It will be called the most delicious feast in the world ", so the nextCarnival of Venice, will become thethe most delicious party in the world.

The Carnival of Venice, continues Davide Rampello, «It is the celebration of recklessness and the pleasure of food which is joy, abundance, but there is no concept of waste because nothing has to advance»During theVenice Carnival 2015, the events related to food and wine will pay tribute to the theme of Milan Expo 2015.

Program of the Venice Carnival 2015

To better manage the tourist turnout, theVenice Carnivalit will take place over three weekends, it starts on 31 January with the opening of the celebrations with a procession on the water along the Rio di Canneregio, ending on 17 February with the grand finale.

Sunday 1st February will be the turn of the Rowing Association which will cross theGrand canalkicking off the "cultural program" of theCarnival: tourist itineraries, urban trekking, reviews, concerts, exhibitions in museums organized at civic and state museums and private foundations.

From Saturday 7 February alsoSt. Mark's Squarewill dress up for the party with the inauguration ofGreat Theater, the location chosen for all the celebrations set up, just like last year, by Massimo Checchetto (head scenographer of the Fenice) and the Marie parade, 12 beautiful girls in Renaissance costumes. On the same day, the other location of the carnival, the Arsenale, will be inaugurated.

From February 8, until Shrove Tuesday, February 17, there will be events every day and every evening starting with the Flight of the Angel from the bell tower of San Marco; Sunday 15 will be the turn of the flight of the Eagle and the Donkey from the Tower of Piazza Ferretto, in Mestre, on the same day there will be the award ceremony of the most beautiful masks of the 2015 Venice Carnival.

As is now tradition, the grand finale will take place on Shrove Tuesday, with the Svolo del Leon (the banner of San Marco lowered from the bell tower) and the plays of light and water at the Arsenale.

Expo will be present atVenice Carnival 2015throughout the festival, with information points and reviews. The partnership between the two events does not provide for an economic contribution of Expo, which sponsors the Venetian event without (for now) financing it.

Piazza San Marco and Arsenale
The Grand Theater of Piazza San Marco, the scenic "machine", will be embellished with triumphs of food and garlands of vegetables as well as at the Arsenale there will be preparations and re-enactments able to re-propose the relationship of the city of Venice with food: the markets, the great banquets, the fascinating arrivals of exotic foods that from Venice spread throughout Europe.

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