The advantages of a green roof

The advantages of a green roof

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THEbenefits of a green roofthey are not limited to the aesthetic sphere. To benefit from agreen roofit is the whole house, starting with the wallet of those who pay the utilities.

We have already talked a lot about the so-calledgreen roof, of how thegreen roofmanages to lower the temperature in the surrounding environment, how it reduces the levels of carbon dioxide and fine dust, how it makes the building more efficient by respecting one of the principles of bioclimatic architecture. Putting aside alltheoretical concepts, today we will analyze theadvantagespractical of installing agreen roof.

Green roof, economic and environmental benefits

  • The economic value of building construction increases
  • It guarantees better thermal insulation with consequent energy savings
  • It protects from the sun and rain giving the roof waterproofing membrane a life three times longer than a traditional roof
  • Aesthetic enhancement of the building
  • Rainwater retention by reducing the load on the sewer network
  • It lowers the temperature of the surrounding environment, ensuring more comfort for the inhabitants and reducing the effects of the urban phenomenon of heat islands
  • Improvement of air quality (absorbs CO2 and fine dust)
  • Help biodiversity by providing newhabitatto birds and insects
  • Soundproofing
  • Possibility of growing vegetables and greens on the roof: this benefitit is present only in the case of intensive or semi-intensive green roofs (read more on "Green roof: thickness, weight and technical data")

Green roof, advantages: the data

Betweenadvantagesof agreen roofwe mentioned thethermal insulationand theenergy efficiency, factors that concretely translate assaving money. According to the results of some research, thanks to thegreen roofyou can save on heating in winter and cooling in summer;

in particular, a study bymechanical engineering (see references at the end of the page) compared the thermal and energy performance of two single rooms, the first located in a building with green roof, the second placed in a building with similar characteristics but in the absence ofgreen roof, the results saw that agreen roofmanages to guarantee asavingsenergy of about 0.09 kWh per square meter and the heat flux can be reduced by about 70%. The internal temperature variation, between the room located in the building withgreen roofand that located in a similar building but without a green roof, is about 1 ° C.

According to a Dutch study (Energiebesparingsmonitor 2006), an office consumes an average of 1,250 megajoules of energy per m2 per year. 39% of this consumption is dictated by heating while 4% is linked to the activation of the air conditioning systems. Thanks togreen roof you can save 23% on heating and 75% on consumption related to air conditioning.

Those who have a methane system can immediately do the math in their pocket: each MJ (megajoule) of energy is equivalent to 0.0316 m3 of gas, thanks to thegreen roofit would be possible to save about 4,470 m3 of gas per year!

It is still true that homes have energy needs that are not comparable to those of office life. Also in this case we refer to a study (The Enviromental Benefits and Costs of Green Roof Technology, Source: Groen boven alles, Toronto, Canada) according to which a family of 3 people spends an average of 395 euros for heating needs , consuming over 26,364 MJ of gas. With a saving of 23%, the reduction in expenditure would be around 91 euros on gas-related expenses.

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