Vertical axis wind kit

Vertical axis wind kit

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There are countless models ofvertical axis wind kit, all of which promise clean energy that is ready for use and above all ready to enter the home electricity grid. If you are considering purchasing avertical axis wind kit, better to think carefully and understand what can be really convenient for our home.

Vertical axis wind kit, prices
For the first time, costs are not the problem but disinformation. The purchase prices of avertical axis wind kitthey are very accessible, starting from a base of 250 euros up to several thousand euros. Why the disinformationis a problem? Unfortunately, consumers assume that thewind turbinesdomestic are universal, just buy one to have a minimum of self-produced electricity.

In fact, if onevertical axis wind turbine installed on the roof of a house in the mountains it can produce enough energy to power the fridge, lights and TV, it may not necessarily be able to offer the same in a house in the hills and ... probably if installed in your town house it would not be able to supply even the toaster.

At the time of purchase, be careful with your choice: on the web it happens to come across the samevertical axis wind kitwhich maintaining the same technical characteristics (but repainted and equipped with "more captivating name ")it is offered at very different prices, even higher than 1000 euros!

Vertical axis wind kit, what it is made of

A simple one vertical axis wind kitit is made up of fundamental parts and accessories that are sometimes not included in the kit but are indispensable for starting up the small system.

The vertical axis wind kitusually includes:
-wind generator
- charge controller for wind power
- storage battery bench

Accessory elements often not included in the purchase price:
-electric cables for connection
-base for anchoring the pole in the ground
-support pole of at least 5 m but less than 10 m
- tie rod

In the photos circulating on the web (including the one above), the vertical axis wind turbine it is installed outside the home, in the garden or even among trees. In reality, the ideal position should be at least 5 meters high from any obstacle (the same roof, trees, other buildings ...), which is why we recommend the use of a support pole which, for legislative reasons, must be lower. at 10 meters (in this way you will not have to ask for any permission from the municipality of residence). Before proceeding with the purchase of avertical axis wind kit, read our article "Domestic wind, it's worth it?“

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