How to clean a dog's bed

How to clean a dog's bed

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Clean the dog's bedit is an operation that must be performed on a weekly basis using a vacuum cleaner and broom, if the dog bedit needs disinfection, it will be necessary to use special chemical agents; at the time ofcleaning the dog's bed, if the material for the animal's rest is straw or old rags, it is better to replace it with straw or clean rags, while if it is cushions or fabric padding, you will be forced to wash.

Wash the dog's bed be it ofwoodyou hate cloth, means removing dirt (food residues, excrements, hairs, hunting trophies ...), in this regard you will need simple tools such as sponges, brooms, shovels, brushes, scrapers or even better if you have a vacuum cleaner and pressure washer or appliances for steam jet cleaning. It is obvious that the materials used for thecleaning the kennelthey must not be destined for other uses.

The disinfestation of the kennel
If for the cleaning ordinary, just choose a biological detergent, if you intend to proceed with thedisinfestationof thekennelof the dogin order to annihilate the potential nested microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses ...) you will need very acidic or basic chemicals such as quaternary ammonium and chlorine compounds (alkaline) or classic bleach (acidic). Pest control with chemicals should be repeated 2 or 3 times a year, as these agents can irritate the mucous membranes and the respiratory tract of the animal. After washing with aggressive products it will be necessary to respect a sanitary vacuum of at least 2 days holding thekennelexposed to air by performing repeated rinsing.

Clean your dog's bed of fleas and ticks
Still different are the products needed if your intentions are those ofdisinfect the dog's bed. In this case, you will need pesticide products to stop the development of pests such as ticks, lice, mites or fleas. It should be noted that all pesticide products are highly toxic, so you must always follow the precautions for use shown on the purchase package.

How to clean the fabric kennel
If the dog lives in the house with its very personal furniture, thecleaningit will need to be performed on a daily basis. The kennels in the house are represented bypadded bunks, mats, molded pillows or cots. These solutions must be brushed and / or vacuumed every day and occasionally need to be washed in water: most household kennels are designed to support washing in the washing machine at low temperatures.

Beforewash the dog's bedit will be necessary to remove most of the dirt (hair and various residues) for this purpose we recommend the use of alint remover(not necessarily electric, on the market there are adhesive lint rollers with a price of a few euros, just like the one shown in the photo).

At the time ofwashing the fabric kennelwe do not recommend the use of any fabric softener or too perfumed detergents: the smells are too intense and annoying for animals, some dogs (andcats) react develop allergic reactions, so be careful!

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