How to grow hazelnuts

How to grow hazelnuts

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How to grow hazelnuts: from planting to harvest and all the information on fertilization and planting.

How to grow the hazelnut

Thecore(belonging to the Betulaceae family, genus Corylus) is a plant native to Asia Minor, in Italy it is widespread in all regions and grows well up to 1,300 meters above sea level. Italy is among the main producers ofhazelnutsworldwide.

How to plant a hazelnut grove

Let it be if it is acultivationhobby, both if it is theplantof a realhazelnut, the planting is carried out in the autumn months and, for the operation to be successful, the needs of thehazelnut plants:

  • avoid planting the stone in soils with a pH that is too alkaline (above 8)
  • avoidplant a hazelnut groveon soils where there is a percentage of active limestone higher than 10% (soil analyzes performed)
  • the hazelnut plantsthey do not grow well on heavy, clayey or coarse soils and where there is a risk of water stagnation

Cultivation of the hazelnut, what to do before planting the hazelnut grove

Prepare the soil for planting by running a fertilization bottom based on manure and / or compost (for 1000 square meters of surface provide 25 quintals of manure and mature compost). To prepare the ground, make a hole not less than 50 cm on the entire surface of the system.

Aplantof important dimensions, which requires the use of machines and other harvesting means, to allow for easy transit, must respect the distance of 5 meters on the rows and between the rows.

The besthazelnut cultivation techniquesprovide for an arrangement of plants a"Quincunx"That is with the plants placed at the vertices of an isosceles triangle to allow maximum illumination to the foliage of thekernels.To understand how to fix thehazelnut plantsimagine that each black point shown in the photo represents a plant.

How to plant a hazelnut

The rules for planting the core.Forcultivateat best each plant will need to be planted flawlessly, for this we will see like planting a hazelnutin detail. In addition to having to carefully prepare the soil, it will be necessary to:

  • Do not put organic fertilizers (manure or compost) directly into the planting hole, it would hinder the rooting of thenut it.
  • Make the fine soil adhere well to the collar of the vine and, just after planting, irrigate with a couple of liters of water for each plant.
  • Ensure cross-pollination: thenut itit is a plantself-sterileas the male pollen is unable to fertilize the female flowers of the same variety.

Please note! If you meanplant a hazelnut grovenear a wooded area you should not have any problems, alternatively, you will have to provide for the installation of a 5%pollinating plantsto be placed on the windward side of the plot or in the immediate vicinity of thehazelnut.

How to fertilize hazelnut plants

Therefertilizationto be carried out in full production it must respect the proportions of Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium (NPK) of approximately 2-1-2.

In the peasant tradition, to favor the production ofhazelnutsquality, it is usedfertilize hazelnut plantswith organic fertilizer (manure or compost) distributed evenly accompanied by a surface milling.

Hazelnut plants, sale

Where to buy hazelnut plants? If you need a large number of plants forcultivate a hazelnut grove, it is advisable to make arrangements with an agricultural consortium or a local nursery. If your ambition is to grow 3 - 4 plants, you can also take advantage of the online purchase. At this Amazon address, you can buy bare root hazelnut plants, ready for planting and with a height of about 100 cm. On the page indicated you will find the round hazelnut variety of Giffoni, if you prefer the three-lobed variety of the gentle hazelnut of the Langhe, you can visitthis Amazon page.

In both cases they are plants about 100 cm tall, ready for planting. The price, considering the shipping costs, differs slightly.

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