What to give for Christmas

What to give for Christmas

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What to give for Christmas is the question that everyone is asking themselves in this period so I decided to write an article with a little bit of ideas, especially for their own girl (girlfriend, wife, partner) or for your own boy (boyfriend, husband, partner).

Some of the gifts I will recommend are not only affordable for everyone, others are much more affordable, especially when purchased online. Each product will have a link to the site where you can buy it online or where you can find the addresses of the physical stores where you can buy them.

What to give the girl at Christmas

It is inevitable to start with some ideas on what to give to your girlfriend, partner or wife: for us men this is the first concern that manages to overcome even that of the right gift for mom and dad! :-)

If love is boundless and you are (almost? :-) ready for the big step the right gift, you know what it is: ring with diamond. The best known brand that guarantees maximum quality and excellence in design is certainly Damiani with numerous shops in all major cities of Italy. In this case, online is best avoided, because the purchase is too "important" and it is better to choose it in jewelry.

If love is a lot but ... "you are not yet ready for the big step", you can make a great impression by giving "two light points”(Earrings with a single diamond for the uninitiated) and the good news is that you can also buy them online, obtaining a decidedly important saving, without sacrificing the quality guarantee of the stone. Vir Jewels for example, proposes these earrings in 14 carat white gold, with 0.33 carat diamonds at the discounted price of 239.99 euros instead of 500 euros.

If your girlfriend is obsessed with physical fitness or if you want to help her lose a few extra pounds, but with style, you can think about giving one of the new activity tracker wrist watches that are so fashionable and are actually very useful for measuring steps taken during the day, calories consumed, quality of sleep and calories consumed through food.

There are so many models, with prices varying between 80 and 150 Euros, with interesting discounts if you decide to buy online: my favorite is the FitBit Flex (my review here) but maybe your better half might like more a more particular design like that of the JawboneUp (my review here). Both are available in many colors including pink / fuchsia.

Another coveted gift is one nice brand bag. Here, however, you have to be very careful and try to listen carefully which is the right model that your girl wants because women are a bit particular and if you buy the bag with a too short handle or shoulder strap that they do not like or a model other than the desired one, you risk making a mistake in the purchase.

Brand like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada they are usually a guarantee but be prepared to… leave the house with a full wallet! :-) A Gucci or Prada bag can cost even more "than the diamond"!

On all the sites of these big brands you can buy online but forget about the discounts. Perhaps it is better to try in a trusted store or, at least, in an outlet where you will almost certainly find models from the past season.

NO MANDATORY to purchase "fake bags" from the peddler without a license on duty or you will face the inevitable "epic fail"!

Shoes are another great passion of women but as a Christmas gift they have never inspired me. But if you like the idea, if you want to play it safe regardless of the price, opt for brands like Loubotin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik (you don't know it ??? but it's Sex & the City!): I'm sure if your girlfriend will like it even if you get the wrong (half) number! :-)

I would avoid online with such sites Zalando that offer a wide choice but ... "shoes can be bought directly by your partner during the year and without waiting for your gift"!

What to give to the boy at Christmas

Maybe I will be wrong but in my opinion we men are "less pretentious and demanding" than women about the Christmas gift; nevertheless, a nice gift always gives us a lot of pleasure, especially if during the year you have been careful about what we have "nosed" in the windows.

Let's start with the most demanding gifts: the equivalent of a "feminine jewel" for us is a beautiful watch. Rolex it is the brand considered by many to be "a guarantee" but I don't like it. I prefer more "essential" and "less mass" models like those offered by Baume et MercierEberhardor the ultra-flat and elegant onesRadolike the one I currently wear on my wrist. In all cases, I would avoid going online by opting for your trusted jeweler or the official stores whose address you will find on their respective sites.

However, online offers many opportunities, especially if your boyfriend is a sportsman! If you are planning holidays on the snow, you can buy the new Atomic Redster Lt 2014 skis complete with XTO 12 bindings on offer at 399 Euro (limited number of pieces) or, if you want to protect your partner's "head", a nice helmet like that of the Black Canyon, discounted, only if purchased online, from 79.99 to 42 Euros.

The activity tracker they are another nice gift that is certainly appreciated, perhaps the most "masculine and technological" Samsung Gear Fit (my review here)or the Garmin Vivofit.

If your partner is "still a bit of a big kid like me", know that a latest generation console like the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) or the XBox One from Microsoft will always be very welcome: so you will also have the right excuse to go out for a few evenings with your friends! ;-) Remember that online savings in this case are INSURED and you will also avoid the trouble of transporting them home.

If you have already bought the console, it is even better for you because you can give it a nice game by spending even less: the titles that will go great for next Christmas are: FIFA 15 (discounted from 72,90 Euro to 56,06 Euro for PS4), Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (discounted from 69.99 euros to 59.99 euros for PS4) e Watch_Dogs (discounted from 69.99 Euros to 39.99 Euros for PS4)

Another possible gift for your boyfriend is the new folding bike by KCP on offer at 209.9 euros. Shimano SIS Index 6-speed gearbox, Saccon V brakes, light frame 20 "x 36 cm, Royal Alpine saddle in active gel, weight of 14 Kg. In my opinion it offers a better quality / price ratio than folding bikes offered by stores like Decathlon .

That's all for now but add this article to your favorites because I'll be adding more ideas soon!

Ecological gifts for Christmas

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