Vegolosi: vegetarian and vegan recipes with taste

Vegolosi: vegetarian and vegan recipes with taste

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Vegetarian and vegan recipes, simple, well told but above all delicious! Yes, it is time to deny with facts and with the 5 senses all the rumors about "vegetarian equal tasteless or not very creative" or "vegan, only for the obsessed". Unless you intend on good food, sure, and then the Vegolosi's book is just what it takes to tap into one of the best selections of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Better for the contents but also for the appearance that, at the table as on the printed pages, is worth it.

"Vegolosi. Learn to cook delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes " keeps this promise for all its one hundred and sixty pages of thematic menus, cards and in-depth articles on vegan and vegetarian cuisine. And of course recipes. Those who have followed this first Italian online magazine of vegetarian and vegan culture and cuisine since its beginnings, born in March 2013, will finally be able to touch and taste the advice previously read on video. Who does not know Vegolosi and his team ... this is the opportunity. They are a group of lively journalists under 35 who know how few people convey the message of the importance of a happy, competent and ideological healthy food choice, natural and ethically sustainable such as vegetarian or vegan.

Published by Gribaudo (Feltrinelli group), the volume "Vegolosi. Learn to cook delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes " it is enriched by dozens of photographs taken by the editorial team. The heart of the book is the vegetarian and vegan recipes, strictly original, by, rigorously studied by the chef Cristiano Bonolo and tested by the editorial staff of the magazine. Among appetizers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts, there is no capricious palate that cannot find at least a dozen vegetarian and vegan recipes irresistible on the forty told. There are easy and fast ones and also those suitable for elegant and sophisticated dinners, perfect to amaze the most skeptical. There really is something for all tastes and in all vegetarian and vegan recipes of Vegolosi are indicated in detail ingredients, preparation times, level of difficulty, kilocalories.

All flavored with the taste of a success built from below, with passion, a rare spice.
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