Nest thermostat: price, review and installation guide

Nest thermostat: price, review and installation guide

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Energy saving takes the name of a fashionable product loved by all,Nest, thewifi thermostatwhich works like achronothermostat intelligent.
On this page we will see:how to install the Nest thermostat in the house, the configuration internet wifi, the connection to the boiler, the smartphone application and the complete product review.

Nest thermostat

The Nest thermostat we all know it! The photo of Nest thermostat and its components is shown above, where even the four mounting screws and the plate for fixing to the wall appear.

Even if the Nest arrived on the US market in 2012, this device was made compatible for Italian electricity networks only in April 2014.
TheNest thermostat in Italycan be installed without any problem and now let's see how.

How to install the Nest thermostat in Italy

Nest connects to the boiler via a "clean contact". The purchase package contains a device called HeatLink (the square white one shown in the photo above), which is a sort of connector-transformer powered at 230V (from our electrical network) which brings the voltage to 24 V to power the thermostat real, so you never have to plug in the Nest thermostat directly to the home electricity grid as it would burn.

The HeatLink acts as a bridge between the boiler and the Nest thermostatallowing the passage of data regarding the temperature and boiler management. Two cables should exit from the HeatLink to the thermostat real (the one with the round interface!) and two other cables to be connected to the boiler terminals, corresponding to the clean "ignition" contact. Our Nest review speak clearly: it is a modern device, with a simple user interface and not too difficult to install.

L'installation real is within everyone's reach, we recommend installing the HeatLink not too far from the boiler. The problem arises in the connection of electrical cables that will need a conduit to "hide" the wires in the wall, here those who are not practical enough would do better to rely on a trusted electrician, the work is the simplest and therefore also cheap .

TheNest thermostatis sold following aUser Manualvery exhaustive, both in explaining the details of theNest installation, and in explaining its operation and configuration with the connection ainternet wifi.

How to set up the Nest thermostat

At the time of first power up, six connections were made well, thethermostatask you to perform the first configuration. The languages ​​available for configuring theNestare: English, French and Spanish ... there is no Italian but the steps to follow are easy and we will explain them to you, with ourreview!

Forconfigure Nestyou will have to dospinthe metal ring placed on the circumference of the device. This step is simple, you should in fact enter the location where thethermostat(this name is used to identify the device when launching the application, useful if you intend to install severalNest thermostats), the type of heating in the house (gas, electric, radiator, underfloor ...), up to entering the credentialsWifihome;Nestit's awifi thermostatto all intents and purposes, in factbuy Nestit is recommended only for those who want to use thethermostatthroughInternet.

It is right throughInternetthat thethermostatwill receive software updates, weather forecasts to adjustactivelyheating and all the commands sent by the application for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Plus, as the days go by,Nesthe will learn about our habits and with the collected data he will create a customized program with the same functioning as seen for thechronothermostat: Nest will turn off the heating when you leave the house and turn it back on shortly before your arrival to let you find the home environment at your preferred temperature.

From the application forsmartphone, tablet and PC / Mac, it will be possible to know all the details on the use of theheating in the houseso as to allow you to further optimize consumption.

Nest Thermostat, Price

At the time of purchase, make sure that your boiler is compatible with the connection required by the Nest thermostat, just as explained in ours review. Another concern, be sure to buy the version of Nest for Europe and therefore compatible with the home networks featured here in Italy. The UK version (United Kingdom) is compatible with the Italian electricity grids using the recommendations indicated above.

Thepriceto shell out to take home theNest thermostatis around 225 euros. We refer you to the link on Amazon, where the Nest - Europe self-programming thermostat is proposed atcostof 226 euros.

the seller has entered the “UK” version with three plug adapter. The British cable will need to be replaced with an Italian socket with USB input like the one used to charge smartphones and shown in the photo above. As stated, for use in Italy, a device called "HeatLink" is provided in the purchase package, it is a sort of transformer, powered at 230V which at the output brings the voltage to 24V and must be connected directly to the Nest .

Netatmo or Nest?

If you are undecided between purchasing theNetatmoor ofNestI invite you to read the review of theNetatmoin which we compare the two devices. I state that theNetatmoit installs much easier but comes with unappetizing touchscreen technology. All the details on the page: Netatmo, review and installation of the thermostat.

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